Guide to Turkey

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Take home the best bird for your table.

Meat of the Matter

The best birds are raised with the highest standards. Whether frozen or fresh, all our turkeys are required to meet our strict quality standards including:

  • 5-Step® Animal Welfare rated
  • No antibiotics
  • No animal by-products in their feed
  • No Added solutions or injections *
  • No added growth hormones **

* Except for pure sea salt solutions for our turkeys labeled "brined."

** Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising turkeys.

Turkey Types

Fresh or frozen? Organic or heirloom? Here’s what you need to know about our turkey selection. To ensure you get just what you want, reserve your turkey early — size, type and availability vary by location. Some locations also offer brined or fully cooked whole turkeys.

Organic turkeys. Our feast favorite! Only fed organic feed (that means no GMOs, among other things), raised on organic pastures with outdoor access. 10-20+ pounds.

Classic turkeys. A trifecta of flavor, quality and value. 8-30 pounds.

Heritage turkeys. Rich, succulent old-world breeds cherished for flavor. Up to 22 pounds (available in select stores).

Heirloom turkeys. Robust flavor with higher percentage of dark meat. Up to 28 pounds.

Kosher turkeys. Two kosher certifications: Rabbi Babad and the Orthodox Union. 10-20+ pounds (available in select stores).


When reserving or selecting a whole turkey, allow at least 1 pound per person, plus an extra 1/2 pound per person if you want leftovers. (This includes bones.) Consider the size of your fridge and oven before coming home with a huge bird.

Fast Facts

  • 24-28 pounds turkey serves 20 people
  • 12-14 pounds turkey serves 10 people
  • 6 pounds bone-in turkey breast serves 5 people