Guide to Wine & Cheese

We’ve got your back with an easy guide to the basics.

Bring these cheeses home for the holidays. Mom and dad will approve, we promise.

Soft Ripened

Hervé Mons Camembert

This is a cheese with oozy, mushroomy goodness. Its flavors are reminiscent of a raw-milk Camembert; it has a traditional aroma and great vegetal notes. Also look for Mons Camembert stuffed with Truffle Crème or Porcini mushrooms.

Hervé Mons St. Nuage

This luscious triple-crème French Brie has mild, creamy mushroom notes. It is decadent and rich with a refined balance of flavors that comes through in the smooth, almost whipped, texture.

Guilloteau Fromager d’Affinois

"Ultra-filtering," a French innovation, produces this plump and tender double-crème Brie. Delight in its silkiness and buttery notes.

Washed Rind

Hervé Mons Petit Sornin

Delicious! Made in Auverge, France, it is washed in a beer local to that area.


Henning’s Cranberry Orange Cheddar

Handcrafted in Wisconsin by a master cheesemaker, its delightful cranberry and orange flavors and sweet-tart notes match perfectly with the holidays.

Oro del Tempo Piave Vecchio

From northern Italy, near the Piave River, this mature hard cheese has pronounced nutty flavors in the crystalline paste.

Le Maréchal

Nutty yet sweet, this is a firm and creamy Alpine-style cheese. During its finishing, the cheese is rubbed with Herbes de Provence, which provides complex herbal notes.

Mitica Campo de Montalban

This is a cow, sheep and goat’s milk cheese from La Mancha, Spain. Different grazing grasses and clovers give the cheese a lovely depth of flavor.

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Made in Holland, this dense and smooth aged-cheese has a slight crunch. Its nuttiness mixes with brown butter up front, then a long, caramel finish.

Mitica Mahon

This is an invitingly nutty island cheese from Minorca, off the coast of Spain. Its classic orange color comes from the paprika-rubbed rind.

Ashley Chase Estate Seaside Cheddar

From a single-herd cow’s milk Cheddar from the English coast, it has a sweet sharpness with fantastic crystals of salty crunch.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

This is an approachable but complex bandaged cheddar. Enjoy this crumbly and nutty favorite thanks to a collaboration between highly respected Cabot Creamery and Cellars at Jasper Hill.