Local Vendor Profiles In British Columbia

BC Spot Prawns

Location: Steveston, BC

Paul and Muriel catch the sweetest, firmest prawns on the West Coast. "We catch them by trap so we don't drag on the ocean floor" said Muriel," and we freeze them within minutes of being caught, so they are really fresh. We freeze them in seawater to protect the flavour of the prawns. There are no chemicals or preservatives added."

DC DUBY Wild Sweets

Location: Richmond, BC

Dominique and Cindy Duby share a goal to blend the exotic and the familiar, the element of surprise with a sense of comfort. "We have a particular interest in the scientific research aimed at developing and implementing novel techniques to create new tastes and textures" said Cindy, "We take calculated well-researched risk at times, but we never lose sight of our commitment to design superlative taste experiences. DC DUBY Wild Sweets products and concepts are aimed at contributing at the sensory level: to provide pleasure and to evoke emotions. We trust that you will enjoy our creations and will continue to share with us a passion for chocolate."

Edible Gardens

Location: Langley, BC

The passion behind Edible Gardens was planted on the West Coast of BC in the early spring of 1998 by Michael and his family. "We were excitedly sowing our first crops on a large community garden plot nestled along a fertile river bank that wound down to the ocean. Using our blessings from that first garden I began creating in the kitchen along with my talented husband who is the true chef in the family. We married our favourite flavours in unique varieties of vinegars and artisan oils."

European Breads

Location: Vancouver, BC

In 2001 Otari Kobalia brought the taste of authentic European breads and patisseries from his hometown in Georgia to Vancouver. After all, how could he not? Otari's last name, "Kobalia," means "bread" in Georgian. Dating back centuries, Otari's ancestors were known for baking and supplying their local villages with artisan breads.

Known for their intense, earthy flavours, crunchy crusts and complex texture, European breads are baked in over 25 varieties at the Fraser Street bakery and then delivered to Vancouver's finest markets and restaurants. Their signature Georgian Baguettes, Ukrainian loaves and hand-made baklavas have become a part of Vancouver. Georgian Baguette has won numerous awards and was featured in Vancouver Magazine's annual "101 things to taste before you die". Today, European Breads Bakery is proud to promote sustainable living by using the finest local ingredients and degradable packaging.

GBE Chilliwack Heirloom Organic Farm

Location: Chilliwack, BC

Located in British Columbia, Canada, GBE Chilliwackexternal site specializes in growing organic heirloom produce such as tomatoes, beans, eggplants and peppers. They can currently be found in the Canadian stores of the PN region.

Michael Allen, retired professional Canadian football player, began farming part-time in 2001 and pursued an active involvement in the family organic business. In 2007, they decided to go full-time as an organic farm, eventually moving their operations to Chilliwack, BC. GBE Chilliwack prides itself in being committed to the family name, product quality and providing a healthy produce. They strive to provide the best organic clean food to the local areas in the BC organic industry.

GBE Chilliwack is currently operating the second largest organic greenhouse in Western Canada but they are the largest supplier of Heirloom Organic produce in British Columbia, with over 22 acres of greenhouse and field Heirloom produce. Specializing in “heirloom organic produce”, they supply 21 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 4 varieties of heirloom peppers, 5 varieties of heirloom beans, watermelons, heirloom fresh green basil, 3 varieties of heirloom eggplants, heritage Jamaican callaloo, including the ONLY organic ‘Chilliwack’ sweet corn in BC.

Le Gateau Bake Shop

Location: Vancouver, BC

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Le Gateau Bake Shopexternal site produces artisan cookies and cakes. Their cookies can currently be found in the bulk cookie bars in the Canadian stores of the PN region.

Owner, Tanya Muller, was a Whole Foods Market Bakery Team Member for 10 years before becoming inspired to open her own business. She opened her first bakery store front in late 2012 in Vancouver. Le Gateau Bake Shop specializes in cakes, but offer a wide variety of products in their shop, such as delectable cookies and pastries. In January of 2014, La Gateau began to sell bulk cookies to a few of the Canadian stores of the PN Region. Their sweet treats have proven to be so popular, La Gateau will use the LPLP funds to expand their bakery in order to supply bulk cookies and fresh cookie dough for the in-house cookie program to all Canada PN Whole Foods bakeries!

Lina’s Garden

Location: Cawston, BC

Located in Cawston, British Columbia, Canada, Lina’s Garden is a small farm that grows organic Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant and Squash. They can currently be found in the PN region and are the PN Region’s very first Canadian Loan Recipients!

Farming since 1997, Art and Lina Nugteren have steadily grown their farm from two acres of organic squash to 24 acres of organic vegetables and fruit, including five varieties of organic cherry tomatoes. Whole Foods Market has been buying produce from Art since he started farming in 1997. His cherry tomatoes are among our team members’ and customers’ favorites every summer.

Art and Lina plan to use this loan to purchase a new tractor. With that purchase, they’ll be able to accomplish in one day what now takes three days to do (prepare the fields and work the soil). Also, because the new tractor will have an enclosed cab, it’s going to be healthier for Art—no more exposure to the elements and breathing in dirt and dust.

Organic Fair

Location: Cobble Hill, BC

Organic Fair is a small family business, run from a small organic farm that makes big time delicious products! Kent Goodwin and his family live and work the organic lifestyle in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island and through this commitment are thrilled to bring you a truly gourmet organic experience. "From our unique range of dark chocolate with our best selling Canadiana bar to our ultra rich hot chocolate and super fresh vanilla beans, you will find amazing flavours and a sincere passion for quality."


Location: North Vancouver, BC

Steve Carmichael and Jill Goodbrand are the two happy soapsters from North Vancouver who founded Sapadilla. After starting careers in the corporate world, they fled their cement towers, put on some soap-making music, and set out to make the nicest little eco-cleaners on the planet. Made with care in small batches, Sapadilla products are bursting with fresh and fragrant blends of essential oils. Their smart formulations use only plant-based ingredients that are naturally effective and biodegradable. These lovely little products bring simplicity and sophistication to your everyday chores.

Tarragon Foods

Location: Burnaby, BC

As a mico-producer of pickles, relishes and other yummy goodies, Andrea Gray-Grant of Tarragon Foods takes her mom's family recipes and brings her taste of heritage to a public that doesn't have much time for canning. "I love food and family. So when I started my own business, I took inspiration from my own mother, who canned enough fruits and vegetables to keep her five children eating well every year! I think she would be proud of the fact that we can now manufacture over 1,000 jars of my family's product a day in our busy little production facility."

Vista D'oro Farms

Location: , BC

Vista D'oro Farms artisanal preserves are made using traditional cooking methods combined with distinctive flavour pairings. The preserves are produced in copper pots and using in-season fruits, much of which is grown on the 10-acre farm in South Langley. "Our preserves are truly versatile, simply delicious and always seasonal!" said Lee. "Serve as a decadent crepe filling, try them as an accompaniment for roast pork or simply enjoy them straight out of the jar! We have created flavours for every season."