Whole Planet Foundation®

Whole Planet Foundation's mission is poverty alleviation in developing-world communities where Whole Foods Market® sources products. Through microcredit, we seek to unleash the energy and creativity of every human being we work with in order to create wealth and prosperity in emerging economies. Whole Planet Foundation® partners with microfinance institutions in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Learn more at www.wholeplanetfoundation.org.

Annual Prosperity campaign

Whole Planet Foundation's annual Prosperity Campaign begins February 19th and ends on March 31st. In these six week, Whole Planet Foundation's goal is to raise $7 million, creating 40,000 loans and extending their support to more than 250,000 people around the world. Join their mission to empower impoverished entrepreneurs around the world by donating at the cash register at your local Whole foods Market Store or online.



Top supplier donors: the 2014 Supplier Alliance for Microcredit®

More than 4,570 people around the world will have a chance to lift themselves out of poverty and change their own lives through microcredit - thanks to Whole Planet Foundation's 2014 Supplier Alliance for Microcredit partners! These 16 like-minded companies will each give $50,000 this year to support the foundation's poverty alleviation programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and in the U.S.

"For a woman living in extreme poverty, a $200 loan is enough to help her get ahead by launching or expanding her home-based business so that she can gain financial independence and provide basic needs for her children," said Philip Sansone, president and executive director for Whole Planet Foundation. "Thanks to the generous support of our Supplier Alliance for Microcredit partners, we will be able to empower thousands of women around the world with a chance to shape a brighter future for their entire families."

Whole Planet Foundation's 2014 Supplier Alliance for Microcredit partners include:  Alaffia, Allegro Coffee Company, BlueAvocado, Frontier Co-op, Garden of Life, Hain Celestial, Hint, IZZE, PACT, Rescue Remedy, Rishi Tea, Sambazon, Seventh Generation, Teas' Tea, Traditional Medicinals and Whole Foods Market. We hope that you will join us in celebrating the generosity of our top supplier donors this year.

Team Member donations reach $5 million!

In October Whole Foods Market Team Members reached a HUGE milestone, giving over $5 MILLION to Whole Planet Foundation since its inception through paycheck deduction alone.

That amount of money equates to more than 27,000 new loans empowering more than 164,000 people to lift themselves out of poverty with 100% of these dollars going directly to the field.

To celebrate, Pip, a Team Member from the UK, was kind enough to write a blog post about her recent trip to Morocco, which she won for being the best Team Member Giving Advocate during the 2013 WPF Annual Prosperity Campaign.

Sharing the story of microcredit through food

Fish and Peanut Soup

This rich and unusual fish soup from Ecuador is thickened by a combination of green plantains and peanuts. Inspired by Whole Planet Foundation® microcredit client recipes.

Get Involved

If you have questions or would like to get involved, please visit www.wholeplanetfoundation.org or send an email to general_info@wholeplanetfoundation.org.