Our Forum Guidelines

Why do we have Forums on our website?

So our customers can share information with each other! Ever strike up a conversation in the aisles with a fellow shopper? We learn a ton from our customers and want to provide a place where you can talk to each other about food, recipes, special diets, healthy eating, products and everything else that has to do with food in our world. We may add our two cents to conversations from time to time, but the forums are mainly a place for you to chat amongst yourselves.

If you have a question for Whole Foods Market directly, please do not post on our forums but instead contact your local store (that's the quickest way to get an answer!) or contact our national customer service team who will direct your question to the appropriate person.

Welcome to our community. If you are new to our forums or have a question, please review these simple guidelines to ensure you have a good experience.

  • Register for the site — If you haven't yet created a profile on our website, you'll need to do that before you can post your own comments to our forums. (It's perfectly fine to read other users' comments without registering.)
    • When you pick a user name, just make sure you don't use any brand or celebrity names (like "Mr. Nike," "Martha Stewart" or "iPod Girl").
  • Be Nice and respectful of others. — Please don't let the anonymity of the web lure you into making snarky comments to others. If you wouldn't say your comment to a real person standing next to you in the grocery store, please don't say it in our forums.
  • Don't... — Here's the "don't" section. If you follow the "be nice and respectful" rule, you won't need these specifics. But for those who might need a gentle reminder, here goes:
    • Don't personally attack or insult others. (You can respectfully disagree without attacking.) Sarcastic asides and snide comments should be kept to yourself.
    • Don't post obscene, profane, racist, sexually explicit or hateful language or images. All the standard curse words are banned along with clever misspellings.
    • Don't harass, defame or threaten others. Do not make allegations about specific people or corporations.
    • Don't solicit others for commercial or promotional purposes.
    • Don't seek or provide advice on engaging in illegal activities.
    • Don't post anything that isn't yours, especially copyrighted content (words or images).
    • Don't set up more than one screen name and don't misrepresent yourself as a Whole Foods Market team member or anyone else.
    • Don't go widely off-topic or evolve threads into personal conversations.
    • Don't use HTML formatting, JavaScript, animated gifs or photo attachments in the body of a forum message.

And here are some more guidelines for what you should do on our forums.

  • Be safe. - Please be cautious in any online community. Don't share your personal information (or anyone else's) including real names, home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Represent yourself clearly. — If you own or work for a food-related or other pertinent business, please refrain from posting any critical comments about your competitors and avoid posting contact information for your business. While business representatives are welcome to post on our forums, these special visitors should make others aware of their unique status. A simple statement like, "Hi, I'm John from XYZ Inc," is fine.
  • Talk to each other. — Please talk to each other in the forums and remember that this is not the place to ask direct questions to Whole Foods Market staff. Our moderators do not read all messages. If you have a question for Whole Foods Market, contact your local store (that's the quickest way to get an answer!) or send an email to our national customer service team who will direct your question to the appropriate person.
  • Report inappropriate content. — This is an open community and Whole Foods Market does not review every post, photo or comment made on these forums. If you see something that you feel violates our guidelines, please alert us right away. See Getting Started Guide to learn how to report abuse.
  • Honor our age requirement. — Online safety is of utmost importance at Whole Foods Market. For this reason, you must be 13 years old or older to participate on our forums. Any posts from someone who is under that age will be removed. If you are under the age of 18, you should obtain parental consent before participating in any forum.
  • Our rights. — We want this to be a forum for and by our customers, but we need to be able to manage it in a way to try to make it is a positive experience for everyone. We reserve the right to:
    • Accept, reject, or remove any postings in our sole discretion, including those that are off topic, not in English or that contain personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, impersonations, third party links or that violate any of our guidelines or Terms of Use.
    • Reorganize the forum by adding and removing topic headings and their subsequent posts as needed. We will attempt to move old posts into new topic headings when possible. When we deem it appropriate, we will archive discussions that have become outdated or inactive.
    • To suspend a user's account at our discretion.
    • Archive or make any discussion "Read Only" at any time.

For more specifics, please see our Terms of Use policy.