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Alana Sugar is a Certified Nutritionist with many years experience as a Dietary Consultant. She resides in Alexandria, Virginia where she works teaching classes, facilitating seminars, consulting with individual clients, writing articles, and creating healthy, all-natural recipes. Alana’s currently works with The American Institute for Cancer Research, Whole Foods Market, The United States Federal Government, the City of Alexandria, VA, and the City of Rockville, MD. She has been working with Whole Foods Market for 25 years.

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November 2, 2009 @ Whole Story
Let's face it: The holiday season can be pretty stressful. There's shopping, working, gift buying, crowds, family stress and all of that "special" food! At best, it can feel overwhelming. At worst, completely out of control. What to do?
September 14, 2009 @ Whole Story
Okay, let's be clear right off the bat: I like a good cup of coffee. But unfortunately, it doesn't like me back. I'm super caffeine sensitive, darn it! I like tea and chocolate too, but even these I have to moderate. Caffeine comes in other forms too - sodas, energy drinks, supplements and medications.
August 19, 2009 @ Whole Story
With kids heading back to school this month, school activities and fundraisers will start filling up the calendar. J.
August 10, 2009 @ Whole Story
I say "tomato," my dad says "tamater," but no matter how you say it, these precious fruits have got one thing going for them that just about everybody knows how to say: lycopene. You've heard of it, I'm sure.
August 5, 2009 @ Whole Story
You can't go wrong with macaroni and cheese-just about everyone loves it! While there are plenty of convenient boxed options out there, making mac and cheese from scratch lets you use natural ingredients, including freshly grated cheese, and you get to control the amount of salt and fat. This means a healthier version with no artificial colors or flavors and it's not hard to make - you can even get the kids to help!
July 27, 2009 @ Whole Story
Summer is prime season for all kinds of peppers. Hot, mild or sweet, you can find all the colors of the rainbow! Peppers are usually separated into those that have capsaicin - the heat component - and those that do not. Hot, Hot, Hot
July 15, 2009 @ Whole Story
Ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream! One of our favorite things about summer is enjoying frozen treats and it's really hard to beat a scoop of homemade ice cream.
July 13, 2009 @ Whole Story
Hot weather brings cooling herbs and the "coolest" by far is fresh mint. If you planted some in your garden this year, it's probably going crazy growing about now!