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May 9, 2007 @ Whole Story
Spain is a country full of culinary traditions. Join us as we highlight some delicious Spanish wines, suggest cheese pairings and talk tapas.
May 1, 2007 @ Whole Story
Tune in as we share some unique ideas for celebrating this special day.
April 30, 2007 @ Whole Story
Earth Day always seems to inspire us to double our efforts in protecting our planet. One reader, Sun from Austin, was extra motivated — no simple light bulb changes for this woman! She explains:
April 27, 2007 @ Whole Story
In this forth and final episode of our Earth-focused podcast series, you’ll hear all about our "Green Mission Team", learn about some bigger steps you can take to green your life and get the scoop on whether or not buying local is a good environmental choice. Please let us know what you think. Click the comment link and type away!
April 18, 2007 @ Whole Story
In this third episode of our four part Earth-focused podcast series, you'll learn about our National Green Mission Task Force, discover some good tips for reducing emissions and waste and even how to reduce, reuse and recycle when grocery shopping. Please let us know what you think. Click the comment link and type away!
April 18, 2007 @ Whole Story
Learn a little bit about one of Allegro Coffee's featured sustainable coffees along with the history and tradition of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese making.
April 12, 2007 @ Whole Story
In this second episode of our four part Earth-focused podcast series, we demystify some commonly used environmental lingo and learn about easy tips to help green your home, garden and kitchen. Please let us know what you think. Click the comment link and type away!
April 9, 2007 @ Whole Story
Sharing our love for the planet with kids is one of the smartest steps we can take to ensure sustainability. Laura wrote in to share what she is doing with her young son to teach him about reusing everyday items:
April 4, 2007 @ Whole Story
Right in time for Earth Day, April 22nd, we present a four part Earth-focused podcast series. We'll talk about why sustainable actions matter, help you understand what you can do and share some of what Whole Foods Market is doing as well. In this first episode, learn about our Whole Earth Weigh-In program, how to reduce your carbon footprint and what it means to farm organically. Please let us know what you think. Click the comment link and type away!
March 27, 2007 @ Whole Story
In celebration of Earth Month – also known as “April” — we are launching this blog as a way for our readers to share their great ideas about how to keep our Earth strong and healthy. For the past year or so, we’ve invited our fl@vors newsletter subscribers (sign up now) to send us their simple, actionable tips for making the world a “greener” place – with the bonus of a $25 Whole Foods Market gift card if we published their tip in the newsletter.
March 21, 2007 @ Whole Story
This episode is all about specialty salts. We'll check-in with our experts on what's available, how salt affects our health and how to jump in and explore new ways of salting your foods. Got a comment after listening to this podcast? Use the comment section to let us know!
March 7, 2007 @ Whole Story
Dive into naturally raised catfish, along with the benefits and how-tos of cast iron cookware. We even tie the two together and offer up a delicious recipe for cooking catfish in a cast iron skillet.
February 21, 2007 @ Whole Story
Hear insights from a beekeeper with over 25 years of experience gathering honey. Understand the nutritional aspects of this natural sweetener and learn baking tips and simple recipes using honey.
February 7, 2007 @ Whole Story
Do we really need to say anything more? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, learn how cacoa is harvested and turned into chocolate, why we love chocolate so much, and how to make simple, sophisticated chocolate truffles.
January 17, 2007 @ Whole Story
Brian Keating, Tea Buyer and Blend Master for Allegro Coffee Company, reviews types of tea and brewing tips. Jody Villecco, one of our resident nutritionists, informs us of the nutritional aspects of tea while chef Alana Sugar shares some simple recipes using brewed tea as an ingredient.
December 27, 2006 @ Whole Story
Before celebrating New Year's, help make the holidays a little greener by following some simple tips from Lauren Thomas, our favorite green living enthusiast. Next, Devon Broglie, voted Texas' Best Sommelier for 2006, shares some wisdom for choosing the perfect Champagne or sparkling wine for your celebration. Michele DiPietro, New York City recipe developer, concludes the episode by cooking up a simple plan for feeding a crowd.
December 12, 2006 @ Whole Story
We check-in with our favorite cheese expert, Cathy Strange, to hear what she has to say about the exclusive Isigny Ste. Mère Brie made in the lush Normandy region of France. Get holiday serving tips, along with some delightful wine pairing ideas for this rich, luscious cow’s milk cheese.
December 10, 2006 @ Whole Story
Jody Villecco, one of our resident nutritionists, reviews some simple tips for easing the stress of the holiday season. Also, our favorite specialty foods expert, Cathy Strange, has visions of Dalmatian Plum Spread, while Alana Sugar, a professional chef and nutritionist, has some tasty, homemade ideas for holiday gift giving.