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December 18, 2008 @ Whole Story
Kalamata olives on tree prior to harvest December memories have many meanings to different people. For many of us who deal with food on a daily basis, other than eating it, keeping up with the crops and the seasonal harvests going on around the world is key.
September 23, 2008 @ Whole Story
Cheese from France, some of the first cheese(s) in my memory. Brie, Crottin, Roquefort, Comte, I remember my first taste of these fantastic products. Gabietou is one of my favorites and it is available now. How did this cheese get to Whole Foods Market? Where did you hear about it? When did you first taste it? I get these questions all the time.



Cathy Strange joined Whole Foods Market in 1990 and has a wealth of food industry experience and expertise. As the global cheese buyer, she has become an authority at detecting international food trends during her travels around the world while seeking out vendor partners that meet Whole Foods Market’s strict Quality Standards. She is a member of the American Cheese Society and the Cheese of Choice Coalition and the Cheese Importers Association. Strange works with small producers helping them sustain a profitable business. She was recently inducted into the distinguished international Guilde des Fromagers de Saint-Uguzon, the most celebrated association of cheese mongers and specialists in France. Strange is one of very few Americans inducted into the prestigious guild of cheese trade professionals, recognized for comprehensive knowledge and attention to the merits of French cheese.