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June 3, 2009 @ Whole Story
Melissa, a Whole Story reader, sent us a request to make over the classic summertime dessert, ice cream pie. Yum! Her version included conventional sandwich cookies, frozen whipped topping and jarred chocolate sauce.
May 5, 2009 @ Whole Story
Thanks for all the great recipes you submitted when we asked for your recipes honoring Mom in anticipation of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, May 10. Your recipe ideas and stories certainly confirmed some basic truths about mothers, such as: Moms are creative and resourceful.
April 8, 2009 @ Whole Story
Kristin, one of our Whole Story readers, sent us her idea for a recipe makeover:
March 11, 2009 @ Whole Story
Do you have a favorite recipe that could use a natural makeover? Let us help! Maybe your recipe is chock full of processed ingredients. We'll show you how to swap those out for natural versions. Could the nutrition profile use some lightening up of calories, fat or sodium? Or maybe you want to get more of the good stuff - like fruits, veggies and whole grains. Let us tweak the ingredients to improve the nutrition without losing any flavor.
February 5, 2009 @ Whole Story
Whole Planet Foundation empowers impoverished individuals in our global communities through
July 7, 2008 @ Whole Story
I’m recently back from a trip to New York City where I attended this summer's Fancy Food Show. For the past 50 years, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade has sponsored these events to show off what’s hot and new in the specialty food marketplace.



From haute cuisine to collard greens, Kate is eager to discuss the latest trends in the food world. Kate joined Whole Foods Market in 2005 and now serves as culinary and newsletter managing editor. After graduating from the University of Virginia, she worked for a French wine importer in Napa Valley, California, before moving to France to pursue her passion for French language, culture and cuisine. Kate taught English at a high school in Burgundy for a year and then landed a spot as an intern at nearby La Varenne cooking school. She stayed on for three years as associate course director for La Varenne and editorial assistant to the school’s founder, cookbook author Anne Willan. Now based in Austin, Kate enjoys the challenge of mastering the art of backyard vegetable gardening.