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April 3, 2011 @ Whole Story
In April, we are featuring Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, a natural-rind traditional English-style cheddar that will simply amaze you. If you haven’t tried it, stop by for a sample!
April 2, 2011 @ Whole Story
Do Something Reel features six provocative films focused on passionate people making a world of difference. Find a screening near you!
April 2, 2011 @ Whole Story
Earth Day is April 22nd and we love taking the whole month of April to celebrate. Here’s a look at some of the fun things we have planned. Together we can make a difference!
March 31, 2011 @ Whole Story
Grow herbs in a can! This simple earth-friendly project will get the kids (or your inner child) gardening and recycling all at once.
January 30, 2011 @ Whole Story
Try boosting your menu with beans! They are a great way to eat healthy on the cheap. Check out these seven tips for cooking with beans.
January 23, 2011 @ Whole Story
Need creative inspiration for how to get more plant-based foods into your daily routine? We’ve got seven tips to get you through the week.
January 16, 2011 @ Whole Story
Need help quickly putting together meals with healthy eating in mind? We’ve got seven timesaving tips to get you through the week.
January 2, 2011 @ Whole Story
We’re giving away ten $99 gift cards to help stock healthier pantries in 2011. Eating healthy can be done on a budget. Let us show you how!
December 26, 2010 @ Whole Story
Green up your clean up after the holidays with tips on reusing, recycling and donating from our Green Mission Team.
December 15, 2010 @ Whole Story
Rethinking the way you wrap gifts can really green-up your holidays. Check out our tips, and share your own for greener holiday giving.
December 12, 2010 @ Whole Story
Green up while you party down! We’ve got tips on how to reduce waste at holiday parties. How do you green your holidays?
December 10, 2010 @ Whole Story
Learn to roast chestnuts without the open fire. If you love chestnuts, and have always wondered how to roast them at home – here’s how.
December 9, 2010 @ Whole Story
Precycling aligns your shopping practices with your green principles. Learn what it means and get tips for ways to reduce waste this holiday season.
December 2, 2010 @ Whole Story
Here are a few tips from the Whole Foods Market Green Mission Team to help us rethink holiday cards. Got tips? Share ‘em!
November 30, 2010 @ Whole Story
Here are a few tips from the Whole Foods Market Green Mission Team to help you rethink your approach to holiday lights. Got tips? Share ‘em!
November 29, 2010 @ Whole Story
Here are a few tips from the Whole Foods Market Green Mission Team about shopping for a Christmas tree. Got tips of your own? Share ‘em!
November 27, 2010 @ Whole Story
Just in case you missed the announcement – we’ve got the perfect holiday gift (box) for your friends, family, secret crush, office mate, your college advisor, or your kids’ teachers!
November 20, 2010 @ Whole Story
Carving the Thanksgiving turkey can be a daunting endeavor. Watch our easy step-by-step video, and you’ll soon be carving with confidence.
November 18, 2010 @ Whole Story
Whether you’re a seasoned turkey roaster or are cooking your first Thanksgiving bird, our collection of holiday recipes and Guide to Cooking a Perfect Turkey will help!
November 10, 2010 @ Whole Story
Holiday cheer can turn into jeers when living with a severe food allergy. Try these coping tools to help you enjoy the sharing of holiday food.