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March 22, 2009 @ Whole Story
After four days of running between panels, keynote speakers and core conversations during the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) Conference, I was exhausted and needed refuge from the madness of the Austin Convention Center.
February 25, 2009 @ Whole Story
We thought we’d get in on the fun and post our own “25 Random Things” list. How many of these did you know about us? Do you have a favorite fact about us that has missed our list?
January 16, 2009 @ Whole Story
As excitement bubbles for the inauguration of our 44th president, hordes of supporters are flocking to Washington D.C.
January 16, 2009 @ Whole Story
We just wanted to send out a big congratulations to two of our Local Producer Loan Program recipients who are now making an impact beyond our shelves!
January 15, 2009 @ Whole Story
The whirlwind of the holidays (and my own post holidays travel schedule) have finally settled and in its wake, I find a messy house in desperate need of a good deep clean.  Pots and pans in my sink, spots on all my mirrors and
January 9, 2009 @ Whole Story
So we're nine days into the new year - how are you doing with your resolutions? Still going strong? Excellent.
January 8, 2009 @ Whole Story
Hello 2009! I still can't believe how quickly the holiday season passed and now, as we recover from weeks of decadent eating, it seems like healthy, budget-conscious eating tops most everyone's New Year's Resolutions list.
December 31, 2008 @ Whole Story
We hope that you are all having a delightful last day of 2008!
December 25, 2008 @ Whole Story
Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and healthy Christmas Day! Need last minute help on your holiday meal prep?  Check out our recipes and tips pages!
December 19, 2008 @ Whole Story
Whoa, is it already December 19th?!  The holidays have crept up faster this year than ever before and I haven't even started making all the wonderful homemade gifts I'd been planning on.  My lofty goals of handknit scarves with matching hats and little oil paintings for all my loved ones are seeming more and more out of reach each day.  But I'm still all for homemade and filled with love - so what's a girl to do?  Thankfully, some of my favorite blogs are filled with inspiration for making excellent, creative gifts.
December 18, 2008 @ Whole Story
Especially in the midst of a busy holiday season, it's easy to forget the basics.  Every day, Whole Foods Market offers excellent ways to help you shop smarter and within your budget.  Did you know we offer case discounts or that you can ask for samples 
December 12, 2008 @ Whole Story
I don't know about you - but the words "potluck" and "cookie swap" incite my usually suppressed sense of competition and I suddenly become compelled to bring not only an amazing dish or dessert, but the most amazing dish or dessert. Our office cookie swap is coming early next week and I am panicked as how to make the most impressive, delicious, praise-winning cookies ever made by man, woman or Martha Stewart.
December 11, 2008 @ Whole Story
Many of us throw parties and entertain guests over the holidays.  Maybe it's my inner Martha Stewart - but even at my most casual gatherings, I want my guests to have a good time and be impressed by the food I'm serving.  This week's cust
December 5, 2008 @ Whole Story
The holidays can be a stressful time on many levels - picking out the perfect presents, cooking large elaborate meals with the family and all the travel to get to your loved ones.  This week, we're featuring some sites that provide some great advice on how to keep things safe and stress-free.
December 4, 2008 @ Whole Story
Allow me to introduce you to our bakery department.  This beautifully arranged and often deliciously fragrant part of the store is filled with cakes, pastries and breads - perfect for your holiday entertaining needs, as well as your everyday needs.  Di
November 27, 2008 @ Whole Story
Here's wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!
November 20, 2008 @ Whole Story
Yes, I couldn't resist posting a Whole Deal tips post featuring Thanksgiving tips.  As you can see from our chosen tips below, we've got some creative customers out there!  From using whole turkeys year-round to spreading out


Winnie Hsia is a founder, instructor, and performer with Sky Candy, Austin’s first and most diverse aerial and circus arts school. You may remember her as Whole Foods Market®’s first Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager. She still loves making meals at home from scratch and entertaining friends and family.