Pantry Staples

Apple sauce

Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce cups are a mom's best friend. This is one treat to send along to school that everyone is happy about. Certified USDA Organic with 100% RDI vitamin C, no added sugar, artificial ingredients, or preservatives - kids love the taste and parents love the wholesome ingredients. And like all Santa Cruz Organic products, 100% of the energy used to produce Santa Cruz organic apple sauces is offset by wind energy purchases.

Alter Eco Red Quinoa

Red Quinoa is an ancient grain that has been cultivated in the Andes Mountains of South America for more than 5,000 years. It is locally referred to as the mother grain and as a protein powerhouse. ALTER ECO Organic and Fair Trade Certified Red Quinoa directly supports over 1,200 farming families regrouped in the ANAPQUI cooperative in Bolivia.

Organic Infant Rice Cereal

Earth's Best Organic Infant Rice Cereal is a great-tasting, easily-digestible first food that is gentle on baby's system. Made with whole grains, it contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It also provides babies with an excellent source of iron (45%), an essential mineral for proper infant growth and development. A Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit Partner! Visit for more info.

Organic Infant Formula

Earth's Best Organic Infant Dairy Formula with DHA & ARA is made with high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids including DHA & ARA?? special nutrients found in breast milk that are critical to baby's mental and visual development. Easy to digest, this formula meets all FDA requirements for infant nutrition with the added benefit of being organic. A Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit Partner!

Organic Sweet Potatoes & Chicken Dinner

For ages six months and up, Earth's Best Organic Sweet Potatoes & Chicken Dinner, and the entire line of Earth's Best organic infant foods are made with the freshest organic ingredients. A Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit Partner! Visit for more info.

Disinfecting Multisurface Spray Cleaner

Kills 99.99% of Household Germs Naturally! Seventh Generation's new Thyme-based disinfecting sprays kill germs naturally on hard, nonporous surfaces. These products utilize CleanWell's™ patented technology to kill 99.99% of germs naturally in a streak-free formula that enables quick and easy cleaning. Contains non-VOC-emitting ingredients (volatile organic compounds). A Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit Partner! Visit for more info.

Roasted Turkey Gravy

Uncommonly confident in November, this gravy can be talked into making regular appearances if the company is good. We guarantee your family will gobble it up!

Organic Pumpkin

Pure Organic Pumpkin Puree that is nurtured by Oregon sunshine and rain throughout the summer to be ready for Fall. Perfect for muffins, pies, and other fall favorites (Thanksgiving won't mind if you use it in soup, too)!

Ceylon Cinnamon Ground Cert. Org. Fair Trade

Also known as "true cinnamon," ceylon cinnamon has a subtly more delicate and sweet flavor than the more common cassia cinnamon. Use to flavor cookies, cakes, stewed fruits, puddings, and breads - as well as curries, sauces, and vegetable dishes.

Garlic Chicken

A delicious, convenient meal which steams perfectly in the pouch. Tender white meat chicken in flavorful garlic ginger sauce with sesame seeds, long grain white rice and Edamame vegetable blend. The chicken used has been raised without antibiotics.


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