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  1. Farro Salad with Oranges and Smoked Turkey

    Creamy and piquant, this hearty salad is ideal for a lunch entrée or a dinner side dish. For a delicious combo, fold in one (5-ounce) tub of baby spinach or arugula.

    Categories: Salads, High Fiber, Low Fat

  2. Collard Cobb Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.28127

    This vegetarian Cobb salad features crisp romaine and savory, raw collard greens topped with white beans, blue cheese, eggs, sweet peppers and creamy avocado. Scatter homemade croutons or crumble bacon over the top, if you like.

    Categories: Salads, High Fiber

  3. Fennel and Kale Salad with White Beans and Mint
    Recipe Rating: 3.59908

    This rich and savory winter salad combines creamy white beans with curly kale, crunchy fennel and fragrant mint. We love the look of purple or red kale with the fennel and beans, but any kale will do. To make easy work of slicing the fennel, try using a mandoline.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, High Fiber, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  4. Spanish-Style Collard Greens
    Recipe Rating: 3.31302

    This collard greens salad is dressed with sherry vinaigrette, plumped currants and shaved Manchego cheese. It’s terrific eaten right away or made a day or two in advance and chilled until ready to serve.

    Categories: Salads, Side Dishes, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

  5. Sonoma Tofu Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.59263

    This delicious vegan salad makes a great light meal by itself or served over a bed of baby greens. Tofu blended with white beans form the base for a creamy dressing. Garnish it with chopped celery leaves if you like.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

  6. Spicy Celery Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.01305

    All at once tart, sweet, spicy and fresh, this crunchy celery salad is dressed with a tahini and date dressing spiked with lemon juice and mint.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, High Fiber, Wheat Free

  7. Spring Chicken Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.25426

    Use this light and delicious salad as a sandwich filling or serve alongside slices of fresh mango. Add more veggies if you like: diced red bell pepper or thinly sliced cooked asparagus are colorful additions.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  8. Lemony Asparagus Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.28037

    While delicious cooked, raw asparagus feels extra fresh in this tart salad. The asparagus is shaved into thin ribbons. Serve immediately or let the salad marinate several hours to blend flavors.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Fat Free, Low Fat, Sugar Conscious

  9. Mango-Miso Tofu Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.30819

    Enjoy this colorful, brightly flavored salad as a vegan main course or hearty side dish.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Salads, Side Dishes, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, High Fiber

  10. Spring Chickpea Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.17904

    This delicious vegan salad of chickpeas and green peas is dressed with a creamy cashew dressing. It makes a terrific sandwich filling, or serve it over sliced tomatoes or baby greens. We love the sophisticated flavor fresh tarragon gives it, but you can substitute almost any leafy herb you might have on hand: dill, basil and parsley are excellent. Try our version with chicken here.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, High Fiber, Sugar Conscious

  11. Fattoush
    Recipe Rating: 3.62018

    This refreshing Middle Eastern salad is packed with fresh herbs and drizzled with bright lemon dressing. Toasted pita (or matzoh) gives the salad a nice crunch.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  12. Kale Caesar Salad with Parmigiano Reggiano
    Recipe Rating: 3.73045

    Flavorful kale makes a superb base for an eggless Caesar salad in this easy recipe. Be sure to coat all the kale with the dressing; use your hands to do the job effectively.

    Categories: Salads, Gluten Free, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  13. Shaved Fennel and Persimmon Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.6156

    The seasonal combination of fennel and persimmon makes a festive fall salad that can be enjoyed on its own or served atop a bed of baby greens. Use Fuyu persimmons (the smaller, squat variety) that are ripe but not too soft.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

  14. Lemony Confetti Macaroni Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.04398

    Add this classic but fresh, veggie-packed macaroni salad to your summer repertoire. Nutty whole wheat pasta and a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano give it a little sophistication.

    Categories: Salads, Side Dishes, High Fiber, Low Fat, Sugar Conscious

  15. 15-Minute Couscous Salad with Zucchini and Parsley
    Recipe Rating: 3.09786

    Creamy tahini and tart wine vinegar dress whole wheat couscous, tossed with tomatoes, zucchini and chickpeas. Follow the time-saving techniques in the method to make extra-quick work of this salad or light main course.

    Categories: Side Dishes, Salads, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, High Fiber, Sugar Conscious

  16. Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Romaine Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.14164

    Tangy teriyaki sauce is delicious for basting grilled chicken, and it makes a surprising dressing for this romaine and red pepper salad, too. This will be your go-to salad all summer long.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free

  17. Refreshing Spa Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.39777

    This elegant spa salad features a mix of tender bulgur, crunchy cucumbers and radishes, and sweet melon, all dressed with lemon juice and fresh mint. Add other hydrating ingredients like thinly sliced lettuce, or top with poached, shredded chicken, if you like.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Fat Free, High Fiber, Low Fat

  18. Stacked Tomato and Feta Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.50042

    Juicy tomatoes and salty, savory feta cheese tower on the plate, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice and scattered with fresh herbs.

    Categories: Salads, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

  19. Summer Chickpea and Spinach Salad with Herbs
    Recipe Rating: 3.40545

    Fresh spinach, cucumbers, mint, parsley and green beans are tossed with chickpeas and fresh lemon juice in this summer’s most refreshing salad.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, High Fiber, Low Fat, Wheat Free

  20. Turkish-Style Chickpea Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.65827

    Dotted with roasted tomatoes, olives and fresh mint, top this irresistible chickpea salad with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and a drizzle of olive oil, if you like.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free