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  1. Cioppino
    Recipe Rating: 3.11298

    This is a simplified version of the classic and comforting Italian-American seafood stew that is often served during the holidays. The tomato base can be made ahead of time and refrigerated for up to 2 days or frozen for up to 3 months. When ready to serve, simply thaw, bring to a boil and add the seafood.

    Categories: Soups and Stews, Entertaining, Make Ahead, Dairy Free

  2. Mediterranean Mussels
    Recipe Rating: 3.7504

    What better way to start a meal than with an appetizer of steamed mussels in a savory broth? The combination of San Marzano tomatoes—grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil of San Marzano, Italy and picked at peak ripeness for incomparable sweetness and sunny tomato flavor—ocean fresh mussels, herbs and spices simmered until the mussels are tender will surely become a fast favorite for week night suppers or weekend entertaining. Crisp and garlicky grilled bread is a must-have to soak up all the delicious broth!

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining

  3. Antipasti Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.68294

    Although this salad calls for many ingredients, most of them can be found prepared and ready to use. No heating of the kitchen required for this salad that offers something for every taste. Serve with crusty bread and a crisp white wine.

    Categories: Salads, Entertaining, No Cook, Quick and Easy, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

  4. Parmigiano Reggiano "Ice Cream"
    Recipe Rating: 3.42141

    A perfect way to begin or end a meal, it is more like a twist on the cheese course than a sweet dessert.

    Categories: Appetizers, Entertaining, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

  5. Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette with Dijon
    Recipe Rating: 3.59263

    Secret Ingredient: Aged Balsamic VinegarThis simple vinaigrette makes a tasty marinade for chicken, pork or vegetables. To learn how to make this recipe, watch the Secret Ingredient cooking show.

    Categories: Dressings, Sauces and Condiments, Quick and Easy, Make Ahead, No Cook, Gluten Free, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  6. Walnut Pesto Pasta
    Recipe Rating: 3.69921

    This super simple pasta is a weeknight workhorse and a fun (and budget-friendly!) spin on traditional pesto. Make a little extra pesto to spread on sandwiches for the next day’s lunch.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining, Sugar Conscious

  7. Quick Pizza Margherita
    Recipe Rating: 3.95105

    Use this same method to make any style pizza you like. Simply top with items that suit your taste like pepperoni, diced ham, sliced peppers and onions or crumbled feta cheese. 

    Categories: Main Dishes, Quick and Easy, Budget Friendly, Family Friendly, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  8. Panzanella Salad with Crab, Goat Cheese and Tomato Vinaigrette
    Recipe Rating: 3.74189

    Not only is this recipe a great use for leftover bread, it's a refreshing salad of peppery arugula tossed in roasted tomato vinaigrette, topped with toasted goat cheese and generously garnished with crab meat. Summer salads don't get much better than this!

    Categories: Salads, Breakfast and Brunch, Main Dishes, Entertaining

  9. Tzatziki
    Recipe Rating: 3.69106

  10. Frascatelli Carbonara with Sweet Corn
    Recipe Rating: 3.44337

    Think making pasta at home requires expensive equipment and hours of your time? Think again! Chef Michael Romano from Union Square Restaurant Group shares his secrets for making fresh pasta with creamy carbonara sauce in just 30 minutes.

    Categories: Main Dishes

  11. Eight-Layer Mediterranean Dip
    Recipe Rating: 3.59989

    This healthy dip will be a hit at your next party. Layer it in a glass bowl or small trifle dish, if you like. To avoid the dip becoming watery, be sure to drain the wet ingredients well.

    Categories: Appetizers, No Cook, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  12. Coffee Granita
    Recipe Rating: 3.38455

    Spoon this delicious treat into parfait glasses and serve as an elegant dessert. Use decaffeinated coffee beans, if you wish.

    Categories: Desserts, Entertaining, Make Ahead, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fat Free, Wheat Free

  13. Easy Kale and White Bean Soup
    Recipe Rating: 3.55975

    This weeknight wonder is packed with veggies and beans. Top with crunchy croutons and grated Pecorino Romano cheese. Watch our how-to video.

    Categories: Soups and Stews, Family Friendly, One Dish Meals, Quick and Easy, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

  14. Freeze-Ahead Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna
    Recipe Rating: 3.57131

    Using meat from a rotisserie chicken makes this hearty lasagne quick to assemble.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Make Ahead, Sugar Conscious

  15. Risotto with Asparagus
    Recipe Rating: 3.91122

    Once you learn to cook a basic dish like risotto, you can substitute with what you have on hand. Instead of asparagus, use frozen green beans or the fresh peas your neighbor grew and shared…or the mushrooms you almost forgot in the fridge drawer.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Budget Friendly, Entertaining, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

  16. How to Cook: Pasta Primavera
    Recipe Rating: 3.62101

    Pasta Primavera literally translates to "Spring Pasta" and everyone needs to know how to make a big, beautiful pasta dish for warm-weather get-togethers. It's a crowd-pleasing, affordable contribution that goes with most anything, anywhere.

    Categories: Side Dishes, Budget Friendly, Family Friendly, Picnic and Potluck, Learn to Cook, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  17. Spanish Tortilla with Roasted Peppers and Spinach
    Recipe Rating: 3.67423

    A Spanish "tortilla" is similar to an omelet or frittata. Serve it up as a first course for 10 to 12 or in larger pieces as an entrée for 6.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Budget Friendly, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  18. Veal Piccata
    Recipe Rating: 3.69599

    Pair this classic combination of veal, capers, lemon and parsley with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Budget Friendly, Quick and Easy

  19. Grilled Caprese Salad
    Recipe Rating: 3.69891

    Grilling a traditional caprese salad — summer’s perfect mix of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil — takes all of its flavors up a notch.

    Categories: Appetizers, Salads, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Quick and Easy, Sugar Conscious

  20. Cheesy Lasagna Rolls with Spinach and Ricotta
    Recipe Rating: 3.94938

    Kids love this dish and thankfully it's easy to customize to their tastes. Start with the basic recipe then add cooked sausage, pepperoni or black olives, if you like. Little hands can spread the cheese or sauce, sprinkle the fillings or roll up the pasta.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Cooking with Kids, Family Friendly, Vegetarian