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  1. Cabbage and Leek Griddle Cakes
    Recipe Rating: 3.90925

    Bring these skillet cakes, akin to latkes, to your Easter, Passover or St. Patrick's Day table since they pair perfectly with ham, corned beef, brisket or lamb. Alternately, if you have leftovers from any of those, you can finely chop and use them in this recipe. Feel free to make one big cake instead or, for an appetizer, try goat cheese-topped mini versions.

    Categories: Appetizers, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Low Fat, Sugar Conscious

  2. Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Greens Soup
    Recipe Rating: 3.84791

    This hearty soup combines two lucky foods, black-eyed peas and collard greens, with vegetables and smoky ham. Enjoy on New Year's Day, or any day, for a satisfying, warming meal. Serve with thick slices of toasted crusty bread. If you prefer your soup to have a thicker consistency, mash some of the cooked peas against the side of the pot, then stir them back into the broth before adding the collard greens and carrots.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Dairy Free, High Fiber

  3. Sage Biscuits
    Recipe Rating: 3.77368

    Serve these biscuits with bowls of thick chili or soup, or spread halved biscuits with mustard and top them with sliced ham or chicken for sandwiches. Alternately, peppery sage biscuits are a great addition to breakfast or brunch. Serve them alongside fluffy scrambled eggs, slices of turkey bacon and a bowl of fresh fruit.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Vegetarian

  4. Sliders
    Recipe Rating: 3.56514

    The secret to the "perfect" burger isn't in the seasoning; it's in the beef! At Whole Foods Market, our hamburger meat is ground fresh, butcher style in each store. We select only muscle meat and follow strict handling guidelines to ensure its quality. The best beef makes the best burgers!

    Categories: Appetizers, Dairy Free, Sugar Conscious

  5. Brie with Cardamom-Scented Clementine Chutney
    Recipe Rating: 3.54189

    Serve these savory small bites with roasted turkey or spiral sliced ham instead of Brie, if you like. If clementines are unavailable, substitute with sweet tangerines or canned mandarin oranges, drained thoroughly.

    Categories: Appetizers, Low Sodium

  6. Grilled Cheese and Tomato on Multi-Grain Bread
    Recipe Rating: 3.74942

    Rich, gooey cheese and a crackling crisp outside makes an all-time favorite sandwich. This is a simple version, but you can dress it up with a sweet-tart jam like plum or sour cherry, strong mustard or flavored mayonnaise…try curried! You could even add bacon, ham or avocado.

    Categories: Sandwiches, Vegetarian

  7. Salmon Burgers with Blue Cheese Veggie Slaw
    Recipe Rating: 3.67527

    These burgers are full of delicious salmon flavor and get a boost from a crunchy, savory slaw. You can serve the burgers in your favorite hamburger rolls or just on their own. The slaw will absorb the flavors of the dressing as it sits, so taste it just before serving and add a little salt and pepper or a tablespoon more dressing if you think it needs it.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Sugar Conscious

  8. Deviled Eggs
    Recipe Rating: 3.5792

    Eggs, chopped green onions and sweet pickle relish blend with expeller-pressed canola mayonnaise to make these deviled eggs the star of your appetizer platter. Or, serve as part of your meal alongside a salad, roasted ham and crusty hot bread.

    Categories: Appetizers, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  9. Hoppin' John
    Recipe Rating: 3.96474

    A steaming bowl of this thick stew is said to bring luck for the coming year, but you don't need ro relegate this dish to a New Year's menu. Smoky ham and vegetables enhance simple black-eyed peas and rice. Note that the black-eyed peas need to be soaked for at least 6 hours ahead of time.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, High Fiber, Wheat Free

  10. Potato Salad with Green Olives
    Recipe Rating: 3.6259

    Different varieties of potato have textures best suited to different cooking methods. This recipe uses yukon gold potatoes, a common variety with a rich, creamy texture. Fold shredded chicken breast or thinly sliced ham into this potato salad, if you like.

    Categories: Salads, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  11. Rhubarb Chutney
    Recipe Rating: 3.73342

    Field-grown rhubarb can usually be found from late winter to early summer, peaking from April to June. Most commonly featured in pies, rhubarb can also be used in spiced chutneys to serve alongside baked ham or roasted pork loin.

    Categories: Dressings and Sauces, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fat Free, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  12. Homemade Japanese-Style Mayo

    This mayonnaise is a snap to make and brightens up almost anything you slather it on, from hot dogs and hamburgers to grilled corn and sandwiches. It’s also a real treat as a base for egg or lobster salad. For a fun topping, garnish with bonito flakes (made from dried, smoked tuna) or nori flakes.

    Categories: Dairy Free, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Sugar Conscious, Vegetarian

  13. Honeyed Beet Sparklers
    Recipe Rating: 3.76417

    These bright and beautiful cocktails lend an air of festivity to any occasion. If store-bought beet juice isn’t available, purée canned beets in a blender until smooth then strain through a fine-mesh strainer. Use extra syrup to glaze your holiday ham or drizzle over roasted veggies. Watch our how-to video.

    Categories: Drinks, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Fat Free, Low Fat, Wheat Free, Grain free

  14. Turkey Cordon Bleu Burgers
    Recipe Rating: 3.85639

    Black Forest ham is particularly flavorful in these stuffed burgers, which are modeled after traditional chicken cordon bleu. While you're grilling the burgers, season a few halved tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil and grill them briefly, cut-side down, until just soft for a juicy side dish. Serve burgers on whole wheat buns, if you like.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Sugar Conscious