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  1. Our Rolls and Pies are Great Picks

    Be a great guest and bring the perfect Thanksgiving meal accompaniment – baked goods! For that, we’ve totally got you covered with standards you’ll find nowhere else.

    Categories: Holidays, quality standards, Paige Brady

  2. Easy Tips for the New Year: 5 Ways We Can Help

    Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? Learn what sets us apart and how we can help you achieve your healthy-eating goals.

    Categories: Healthy Eating, Elizabeth Beal

  3. Fast Breakfast: We’ve Done the Homework on Reading Labels

    Whether you make breakfast from scratch or grab something to heat-n-eat, you can give yourself and your kids a better starting point when you shop with us. That’s because everything meets our standards; standards you won’t find anywhere else. No label reading required.

    Categories: Food Issues, Kid Friendly, Paige Brady

  4. Lunchbox Lesson: We’ve Done the Homework on Reading Labels

    Heading back to school is challenging enough without adding the whole “what’s-in-this-stuff-I’m-feeding-my-kid” thing. Let’s be honest: reading labels is a pain. At Whole Foods Market, we’ve done the homework for you. There are hundreds of ingredients found in food and body care products elsewhere that you will never find here.

    Categories: Food Issues, Kid Friendly, Paige Brady

  5. Do a Body Good, Fast

    unacceptable ingredients outlined in our quality standards … functions. they can be more effective than single ingredients. multivitamins …

    Categories: Whole Body, Allison Burch

  6. Health & Beauty Quality Standards

    of unacceptable ingredients. however, creating a product with no unacceptable ingredients does not guarantee that whole foods market will sell it. our buyers … presented by your uk whole foods market stores …
  7. Food Ingredient Quality Standards

    At Whole Foods Market, we’re passionate about great-tasting food in its purest state. That’s why our quality standards for food prohibit hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives — and that’s just to start.
  8. Our Quality Standards: No Artificial Colors or Flavors

    Is there red dye in your BBQ sauce? Is there fake vanilla in your ice cream? Not if they come from Whole Foods Market. You won’t find artificial colors or flavors here.

    Categories: quality standards, Paige Brady

  9. Let's Not Mess With Mother Nature

    our extensive list of unacceptable ingredients. remember: every … reading the label on a food package can be pretty scary these days. in the early 20th century, food

    Categories: Food Issues, Lets Retake Our Plates, Paige Brady

  10. Egg Standards

    unacceptable ingredients for food egg standards … see our complete whole foods market® animal welfare … preservatives and no artificial sweeteners in any of the food we sell. see why …
  11. Vendor Information

    food: acceptable/unacceptable ingredients … body care: acceptable/unacceptable ingredients … acceptable/unacceptable ingredients
  12. FAQs from Our Global Office

    unacceptable ingredients for food, and our … as the receptionist at the whole foods market® global support offices, i’m here to help set the record straight on questions that i receive …

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  13. Natural Fragrances: Profile of a Master

    not allowed at whole foods market for stand alone oil) or it can … you consider the parallel to food processing. for example, olive oil can …

    Categories: Whole Body, Jody Villecco

  14. Myths and Misconceptions: MSG

    is an unacceptable ingredient at whole foods market, thus not allowed in any … in our stores, including food ingredients, body care products, dietary … of myths and misunderstandings about food and our company come across my …

    Categories: Food Issues, Joe Dickson

  15. Game-Day Grub + a Giveaway!

    Whether it’s at the stadium or in your living room, nothing beats a great game-day get-together. And this year, it’s all about feeding your friends and family wholesome and high quality versions of your favorites, and trying out a few new dishes too. Here’s the game plan.

    Categories: Grocery, Food & Recipes, Elizabeth Leader Smith

  16. Let's Retake Our Plates

    and unacceptable ingredients that ensure our food meets your expectations of natural … every single bite of food we take has … ingredients), and a relatively minor one in the grand scheme of my day …

    Categories: Food Issues, Lets Retake Our Plates, Joe Dickson

  17. In Pursuit of Greener Cleaners

    There’s been a lot of chatter about natural household cleaners lately. There are no government regulations requiring cleaning products to list ingredients on the packaging, and the lack of label transparency and oversight has some people questioning whether “greener” cleaners are really any better than conventional options.

    Categories: Green Mission, Jody Villecco

  18. Let's Seek Inner Beauty

    download a pdf of ingredients unacceptable under our premium body care … labeled "natural" may contain harsh preservatives or ingredients … whole foods market stepped …

    Categories: Lets Retake Our Plates, Whole Body, Paige Brady

  19. Whole Body Supplier Information, Midwest Region

    acceptable/unacceptable ingredients: body care … acceptable/unacceptable ingredients: supplements (pdf … whole foods market organic personal care policy (pdf file …
  20. Body Care Quality Standards

    We sell the highest quality personal care products available at the most competitive prices possible. We evaluate quality in terms of ingredients, pleasurable experience, and efficacy. Our search for quality is a never-ending process involving the careful judgment of buyers throughout the company.