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  1. Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Lotion

    who like to blend in their own favorite essential oils for a personalized …
  2. Soothing Organic Milk & Oat Bath

    039;s gift of pure essential oils through their line of aromatherapy and body … milky oat bath. organic valley milk, oats and 100% pure lavender essential
  3. Everyone Soap Lavender & Aloe

    everyone soap lavender & aloe is the perfect 3-in-1 for the whole family. this natural plant-based soap works as a body wash, bubble bath, and shampoo, and it's made with pure essential oils, natural …
  4. Ebene

    herbs and essential oils to ensure her products are made of the freshest …
  5. 365 Everyday Value® Peppermint Vanilla Hand Lotion and Liquid Hand Soap

    with premium natural ingredients like pure essential oils that are good …
  6. Whole Foods Market™ Lavender Hand Soap and Lotion

    the perfect mother’s day gift! whole foods market™ lavender hand soap and lotion is made with a natural blend of essential oils leaving skin feeling soft and clean without over-drying. this duo comes …
  7. Servello

    are handmade, eco-conscious formulas uniting pure therapeutic essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, vitamin rich plant oils … all products are colored naturally and only pure therapeutic essential oils
  8. Beat the Bugs!

    Are you the outdoors fan who’s loved just a little too much by the bugs? Fortunately, nature almost always provides a solution. Learn about essential oils, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. Malia Curran, MS, MPH, is a nutrition and health consultant.

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  9. DIY Body Mist

    The fine folks at Aura Cacia shared their recipe for a DIY body mist made with pure essential oils. The refreshing scent features lemon eucalyptus oil in a base of green tea. It’s the perfect spritz for hot summer days and long summer nights.

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  10. Soaptopia

    ingredients, essential oils, and raw shea butter crafted in small, cold … with her own allergies, jolie started experimenting with herbs and oils herself. jolie … oils. starting with just her friends and family, the popularity …
  11. Choosing Natural for Pregnancy

    dilute products containing 100% pure essential oils in equal parts … can be beneficial throughout pregnancy: only 100% pure essential oils provide … essential oils, always consult your practitioner, and research varieties …

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  12. Sapadilla

    blends of essential oils. their smart formulations use only plant-based …
  13. Alchemy Candles

    biodegradable food grade paraffin wax and phthalate free natural and essential oils. alchemy is dedicated to sustainable environmental practices …
  14. Natural Fragrances: Profile of a Master

    an expert on plant distillation who has been extracting premium essential oils … with co2 and steam-extracted essential oils and absolutes. jack calls these minor … into the oils. jack says it is easy to understand essential

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  15. Homemade Remedies For Pet Care

    Here are a few everyday products that pull double duty around the house and your pet.

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  16. Scents of Home

    balls with approximately 10 drops of essential oils into the vacuum …

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  17. Summer Skin Care: From Sunburn to Scrapes

    how to soothe and protect your skin with essential oils, vitamins, herbal …

    Categories: Whole Body, Whole Body Podcast, Mara Fleishman

  18. Beat the Bugs!

    products such as essential oils, vitamins, and homeopathy to make your skin …

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  19. Alexandra Avery

    the freshest possible skin food.  organic herbal extracts and essential oils
  20. Eye Cream Insight

    The delicate skin around your eyes get a workout every time you smile, laugh or squint. Age, dryness and sun exposure also contribute to fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Fight premature aging and choose an eye cream that’s tailored to fit your skin’s needs.

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