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  1. Eight Ways to Fuel Your Fitness

    You exercise to feel good and take care of yourself, so why fill up on worrisome ingredients after a workout? Whole Foods Market makes it easy to find fitness supplements without hydrogenated fats or artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

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  2. Try the Trend: Japanese Food Beyond Sushi

    It’s time to take our relationship with Japanese food to the next level. We’ve been through a lot together, (an Instagram search for #sushi pulls more than 16 million posts). Parents have been swept up in the craze for kyaraben lunches, bento boxes with foods arranged into cute shapes like animals and cartoon characters. Now, matcha lattes have taken over mornings, and Eater has just named chawanmushi — savory egg custard made with fish stock called dashi — a “dining trend that will define 2017.” It’s clear we’re ready to take an even deeper look into Japanese cuisine.

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