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  1. Hanukkah

    Our favorite Hanukkah recipes.
  2. Hanukkah Helpers

    dreaming about your favorite hanukkah flavors, we've been working hard …  — or enjoy a bowl all on its own! hanukkah milk or dark … finally, don’t forget the hanukkah candles. and remember …

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  3. Hanukkah Essentials

    If you’ve been dreaming about your favorite holiday flavors — latkes and Sufganiyot and kugel — and checking out Hanukkah recipes for inspiration, now is the time to get shopping! We’ve curated holiday helpers to make your celebrations deliciously memorable.

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  4. Hanukkah Recipes

    holiday recipes & menus hanukkah recipes … these cookies are a buttery and rich hanukkah tradition. fig preserves and pecans … hanukkah recipes …
  5. 10 Recipes for Your Hanukkah Table

    flavors of hanukkah are an important part of the season. whether … are our suggestions for a delicious hanukkah … don’t forget the jelly doughnuts! what are you serving this hanukkah

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  6. Dishing up Some Hanukkah Soul (Food)

    nothing i'm craving more this hanukkah than a plateful of earthy, humble … commemorate hanukkah with eight days of candle lighting and feasting on … love to get you through the eight days of hanukkah? check …

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  7. A Natural Hanukkah Destination

    my earliest hanukkah memories are of standing by my grandma's side as she fried … of great food options for their hanukkah needs. our produce department … working hard to make whole foods market a hanukkah destination. expanding …

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  8. Get Your Pantry Hanukkah Ready

    what ingredients do you need to prepare a delicious hanukkahhanukkah-themed pops in star of david and menorah shapes … hanukkah recipes for inspiration …

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  9. Hanukkah Dishes Worth Sharing

    We've paired a few of our tried and true Hanukkah recipes with new favorites that could become holiday classics at your table.

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  10. Stock Up on These Hanukkah Essentials

    Hanukkah is right on the heels of Thanksgiving so stock up early on these essentials. That way you can focus on your celebration rather than shopping.

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  11. Hanukkah Main-Dish Meats

    if you’re looking for a hanukkah feast, whole foods market® has your meat needs covered.  … during your hanukkah celebration? i’d love to know how you prepare it. tell … hanukkah main-dish meats …

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  12. Holiday Sampler

    in this episode we’ll explore various holiday traditions, talk about fresh nuts and provide some tips on hanukkah recipes …

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  13. Chocolate Gelt Buttons
    Recipe Rating: 3.61851

    as beautiful as they are tasty, this homemade hanukkah gelt is topped with golden flaxseeds, sesame and poppy seeds, and turbinado sugar …

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  14. Fig Rugelach
    Recipe Rating: 3.73636

    these cookies are a buttery and rich hanukkah tradition. fig preserves and pecans make the filling for these indulgent cookies. serve with coffee or tea …

    Categories: Desserts, Vegetarian

  15. Potato Latkes
    Recipe Rating: 3.92487

    curious about the connection between hanukkah and latkes? latke is the yiddish word for pancakes. the latke draws its origin from the ukrainian potato pancake. it is the dish most associated with hanukkah in the united …

    Categories: Side Dishes, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  16. Eight Crazy Nights and Edible Delights

    when i was a kid, i always looked forward to hanukkah with its eight … of the year. my personal hanukkah food favorites included … in oil to remind us of the miracle of the hanukkah story, whereas a tiny amount …

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  17. Yorkville Holiday Menu

    5th - hanukkah  saturday, december 22nd - christmas order …
  18. Oakville Holiday Menu

    5th - hanukkah  saturday, december 22nd - christmas order …
  19. Square One Holiday Menu

    5th - hanukkah  saturday, december 22nd - christmas order …
  20. Square One Holiday Menu

    5th - hanukkah  saturday, december 22nd - christmas order …