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  1. Shampoo - For Oily and Normal Hair - Herbal Mint

    Your daily shower never felt this good. Our herbal mint shampoo, with arnica flowerand thyme extracts, balances oily hair, while peppermint essential oil leaves a clean,refreshing scent. For best results, finish your mini spa treatment with our herbal mint conditioner.
  2. Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap

    Invigorate your body and mind with this skin-tingling, softening soap made with stimulating peppermint and moisturizing hemp oil, which creates rich lather. All Dr. Bronner's oils and essential oils are organic and certified fair trade through the Swiss IMO Fair for Life program, and packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Since 2001, the Bronner family has funded legal, media, grassroots and lobbying efforts to re-commercialize industrial hemp.
  3. First Aid for Summer’s Best Fun

    Summer’s best fun sometimes means scrapes, bruises, bites or encounters with poison ivy. Learn about some natural products to be good to your whole body.

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  4. The Ideal First Aid Kit for Summertime Fun

    “Be prepared.” These words are the reason my suitcase is habitually too heavy to lift, especially in the summer.

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  5. Tips for Traveling

  6. The Season for Sniffles and Such

    Cold and flu season is no joke. But rather than simply hoping you don't catch a bug, focus on getting prepared with knowledge, intention and - you may have guessed - stocked shelves! Plus, since getting sick is part of being human, let's also look at ways to get better faster when the sniffles do strike.

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  7. Summer’s Best Suncare Tips

    While it’s fun to bask in the sun’s warmth, the consequences of too much sun are remarkably less fun. Check out these suncare pointers before you grab some rays.

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  8. Be Good to your Whole Body - Summer Needs

    Certain herbs are being studied more and more for their beneficial effects on inflammation in the body. Ginger, turmeric, holy basil, green tea, and rosemary all promote a healthy inflammation response. The benefits from the herbs mentioned are found when the herbs are taken in therapeutic doses. Certain essential oils were mentioned for keeping the bugs away, since they change the taste of the skin. Citronella, evergreen and/or eucalyptus were recommended specifically for mosquitoes.
  9. 365 Everyday Value® Peppermint Vanilla Hand Lotion and Liquid Hand Soap

    Available for a limited time, our 365 Everyday Value® Peppermint Vanilla Hand Lotion and Liquid Hand Soap is nestled in a convenient caddy and is perfect to add a festive feel to your kitchen or bath. The tingling scents of peppermint and vanilla not only smell amazing, this soap and lotion duo meets our stringent Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standards which means it’s made with premium natural ingredients like pure essential oils that are good for you and the environment. Check out our Whole Body department for other great gift ideas this holiday season.
  10. DIY Spring Cleaning

    I live in Austin, Texas, where spring smells like…grape soda. The Sophora secundiflora or Texas mountain laurel, is a popular native shrub whose flowers smell exactly like the Grape Nehi my grandpa used to drink. In my neighborhood, their sweet scent is a surefire sign that spring has arrived.

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  11. Celebrate Hemp History Week

    Celebrate Hemp History Week by trying some great tasting products that contain hemp and learn more about what hemp really is and what it is not.

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  12. Choosing Natural for Pregnancy

    For many women, starting a family is an impetus to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Discover where to begin with better choices for supplements, body care and aromatherapy. Malia Curran is a nutrition consultant, speaker and mother of 2 young children.

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  13. Help Create Hemp History

  14. Love These Valentine's Treats

    Whether you’re celebrating with The One or simply someone, Whole Foods Market® can make your Valentine’s Day a bit sweeter. Win hearts by shopping from our roundup of Cupid-approved gifts and goodies.

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  15. Raising the Bar: Organic Castile Soaps

    Two years ago my team found a rich lathering, freshly scented USDA-certified organic castile soap that exemplifies so many of our core values that we not only brought the product to our stores, we also included those values on the label!

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  16. What's New

    Every month, we are pleased to add many new products to our shelves that have passed the testing and tasting and met our strict Quality Standards. And each month, we choose a dozen or so to call to your attention. Look for the "what's new" poster and shelf signs for new products — or new varieties of old favorites — that we think you'll especially enjoy.

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  17. Dr. Bronner's

    In the late 1940s, Dr. Emanuel Bronner created his homemade soaps to promote a message of world peace. Find out how Dr. Bronner’s products continue to do so through the company’s responsible sourcing and support of community development projects.

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  18. The Value Guru Virtually Gives Away the Store

    Tell Us About Your Favorite 365 Everyday Value® Product and You Could Win

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  19. A Bit of Hemp History + a Sale

    It’s the 5th annual celebration of Hemp History Week and our US stores are closing out the week with sales on select products. But first a bit about what Hemp History Week is all about.

    Categories: Grocery, Allison Burch

  20. Sure Deals for Surviving the Season

    Dashing through the snow in search of the best deals? Hoping to be the host with the most? Here are 17 Sure Deals to take you through the holiday season saving you money without compromising your values.

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