Daily Giveaway from Martha Stewart

Are you familiar with the Martha Stewart Living Daily Giveaway?

From Our Pantry: Soup, Stew and Chili

Pick up the items on our $50 Pantry Stock Up list, you’ll be ready to add a few fresh ingredients, herbs and spices to be able to cook 14 of our favorite recipes.

Mighty Bowls: Healthy Breakfast for $2 or Less

From apple spice oats to mango quinoa, these recipe ideas will start your day (and your year) off on the right foot and keep your energy level high all morning…for as little as $2 per serving.

Choices Count: Yogurt

Whether you prefer cow’s milk yogurt or a whole slew of alternatives, our vast selections contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Try these ideas for cooking with yogurt.

Choices Count: Salad Dressing

Don’t drown fresh veggies in a conventional blend of sugar, overly processed oils and artificial preservatives. Learn to make your own salad dressing with these simple steps.

Choices Count for Health

If you find it difficult to make one big iron-clad promise for the New Year, consider making simple choices that count. Here are some basic healthy choices to keep in mind.

Win Pantry Staples for a Year

Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to our 31 winners of $50 gift cards, and our 5 grand prize winners: Emily P. of Austin, TX; Gina T. of Minnetonka, MN; Lavona Q. of Reno, NV; Kathy R. of Naperville, IL; and Janice C.

Let’s Cook: Hearty Ragoût

Make a rich and satisfying combination of green and beans with this hearty sauce you can serve over whole wheat pasta or as a side dish.

Raising Picky Eaters

Let’s teach kids a new way to be picky. Pick whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies along with healthy proteins.

Keeping Kids in the Kitchen

It’s never too early to welcome your little ones into the kitchen. No matter how young or how old, an extra set of hands cantransform meal preparation into an opportunity for learning, creativity, family bonding and fun.


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