Favorite Salad Recipes for the Holiday Table

Salads provide a fresh complement to some of the richer flavors typically on the Thanksgiving table. Try our favorite salads starring greens, grains, fruit, veggies, cheese and more.

Healthy Tip: Cooking with Whole Spices

Add aromatic depth and fabulous flavor with whole spices like nutmeg, allspice, cumin, peppercorn and more. Learn how to use whole or grind fresh into our favorite “spicy” recipes.

Our Turkey Farmers

Meet the farmers and ranchers who raise our turkeys — with no animal byproducts in their feed and no antibiotics ever. Fresh, frozen, value, organic, kosher or heritage…we’ve got you covered.

Taste and Tweet - Sweet!

You and six of our Top Ten wines are invited to Whole Foods Market’s first-ever Twitter Tasting on Wednesday, November 17th. Join us from 7 to 8pm ET to taste and tweet!

Fantastic Fall Meals for Four

Want to feed your family Fall’s fantastic flavors without failing your finances? It’s easy. Simply follow our week long meal plan for four.

Let's Talk Turkey

Looking for a one-stop source for answers to questions about turkey buying, cooking, carving and more? We’ve got you covered so you can relax and enjoy this quintessential turkey holiday.

My Stuffing is Better Than Yours

Every Thanksgiving we brace for the inevitable “my stuffing is better than yours” debate. Cornbread or sourdough? Pecans or chestnuts? Oysters or turkey? Whether you go for traditional or a new twist, let your voice be heard!

Planning a Holiday Menu for Special Diets

This holiday season don’t be caught off guard by dinner guests with specific dietary restrictions. Try our tips and recipes to help make sure all of your guests are well-fed and satisfied.

Favorite Holiday Side Dish Recipes

For many people, when it comes down to it, Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes. Here are some of our very favorite holiday side dishes. For a more complete listing, visit our holiday recipe pages.

Meet Our Turkey Ranchers

We know exactly where our turkeys come from and you can too! Meet some of our turkey farmers and ranchers and find out a little bit about the people behind your Thanksgiving dinner.


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