Team Member Pick: Bacon!

From bacon grease as a combo styling gel and cologne to bacon cupcakes, we’re celebrating all things bacon by holding an online contest on Facebook to find the next big bacon idea.

Love Bacon? Win a Year of It!

When you put quality standards at the center of the plate, 365 Everyday Value® Uncured Center Cut Smokehouse Bacon smokes the competition.

Win A Trip to Meet Our Best Butchers at Meatopia

Their talent is rare; their job is well done. For the last few months, butchers from our stores across the nation have competed to see who will make the cut and become Whole Foods Market’s 2nd annual Best Butcher.


What Does it Take to Raise Poultry on Pasture?

Ever wondered what it takes to raise pastured poultry?  It’s not quite as simple as opening the barn doors and letting the birds roam free!


Grilling Poultry: Don't Be Chicken!

Be King (or Queen) of the Grill This Independence Day!


Our Meat: No Antibiotics, Ever

Have you heard the news reports about consumers’ concern with antibiotics in the US meat supply? At Whole Foods Market: No antibiotics, EVER is our standard.

Animal Welfare: Taking the Road Less Traveled

To curb stress our pig, chicken and cattle are raised to meet Global Animal Partnership's 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Program, which mandates strict transport standards.

Hearst Ranch Grass-fed Beef

Nestled on the coast of central California next to the famous Hearst Castle, Hearst Ranch combines pristine grassland and true cowboy heritage to raise premium quality all-natural, grass-fed beef. Look for their beef in the meat departments of some of our Southern California stores this summer (see below for details) and take a look at Stephen Hearst’s tips for grilling grass-fed beef.


Bison – The Other Red Meat

With fewer calories, a lower fat content yet more protein than beef, bison (buffalo) can be a good choice for the health conscious meat eater.


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