Feeding Your Furry Friends with Care

When we buy food for people we love, the ingredient list is often of utmost importance. Shouldn’t we use the same care for the furry friends we love?

Get Outside: 5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Hike with Your Dog

Tina Haupert blogs about fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle on her blog Carrots 'N' Cake. Here are her essential tips for hiking with a dog.


Love Your Pet with Whole Paws

Do mystery ingredients in pet food give you pause? Take heart! Whole Foods Market® is pleased to carry Whole Paws®, a line of premium pet foods formulated so the first ingredient is chicken, salmon and other wholesome proteins that pets crave.


Gifts for Your Pets

Shopping for my family during the holidays is a cinch, but when it comes to my furry family members, gift-giving becomes one big guessing game.


Healthy Joints for Your Pets

AnnieBy the time I adopted Annie, a beautiful chocolate Lab mix, she was 9 years old and in pretty bad shape. Her left hip was severely arthritic – the result of being hit by a car when she was a puppy – and her previous owner had become too ill to care for her properly.


Puppy Love

Ashlea shares the 19 promises she’s made to her puppy-to-be in this sweet love note. How do you show your canine friend you care?

Kitten Play: 4 Tips for Maximizing Feline Playtime

Kittens are bundles of boundless energy. Follow these tips to maximize your cat’s playtime and ensure you’re raising a happy, well-behaved feline.

Outfit Your Backyard for the Birds

Spring is the perfect time to attract colorful birds to your backyard. Here are a few tips for bird-friendly features and DIY birdfeed basics.

Homemade Remedies For Pet Care

Here are a few everyday products that pull double duty around the house and your pet.

Shrinking Your Pet's Carbon "Paw Print"

Having pets doesn’t have to mean harming the environment. Help shrink your pet’s carbon “paw print” by making these small, simple changes today.


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