Wine and Cheese Pairings with Devon Broglie, Whole Foods Market Wine and Cheese Expert

Learn how to select the perfect wine and cheese pairings for your holiday parties or quiet evening by the fire.

Borough Market Cheddar Soup

This is the perfect recipe to warm you up on chilly winter evenings. Get the recipe now!

Chutneys and Fruit Sauces for the Thanksgiving Table

Wow your guests with these decadent chutneys and sauces, they will think you spent hours, but they only take minutes to prepare! And here’s the big secret for the rest of your Thanksgiving feast; you don’t have to do everything yourself! Our Prepared Foods Department can organize everything from the sides to the turkey, and our bakery department has your dessert needs covered!

Coconut-Marshmallow Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Join host Scott Simons as he travels to Boston, Massachusetts to Tiny Trapeze, an artisan candy maker who supplies Whole Foods Market with with yummy, all-natural marshmallows. Scott shows us how to take this secret ingredient and make it into a holiday classic with a twist.

Forbidden Rice and Beans

Get the recipe now!

Maple-Roasted Duck with Guest Chef Julie Taras

Get the recipe now!

Dried Mushroom-Crusted Lamb Loin with Guest Chef Stephen Lewandowski of Tribeca Grill

Get the recipe now!

Comté and Pear Phyllo Triangles with Herb Salad

Get the recipe now!

Whole Wheat Pasta with Smashed Cauliflower, Italian Sausage and Pecorino-Herb Breadcrumbs With Guest Chef Michele Di Pietro

Get the recipe now!

Chicken Curry with Guest Chef Todd Coleman, Saveur Magazine Food Editor

Get the recipe now!


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