Discover New Favorites: Biodynamic Rice

For rice farmer Lance Benson, the secret to a great-tasting pot of rice is…soil. “If we can make the soil better, then the resulting crops are better,” he explains. “They produce a higher quality food.” Lance puts soil first on his 300-acre farm in Biggs, California, where he grows intensely flavorful Biodynamic Organic Short-Grain Brown Rice and Biodynamic Organic Sushi Rice for Lundberg Family Farms.

Get to Know Moringa

What’s hot? Moringa! The moringa is a tree native to the southern Himalayas, and grown in places like India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Africa as a food source. In the U.S, this superfood is available as a powdered supplement or liquid shot and can be added to smoothies, salads and soups.

Get to Know Sesame

While sesame has been a popular ingredient all over the world for many years, here in the U.S. we’ve been relegating it to top our hamburger buns. No more! Here are some of our favorite ways to use sesame.

Get to Know Hemp Seeds

From smoothies and cereal to baked goods and plant-based milk, we’ve got recipes and inspiration so you can get cooking with hemp seeds.

Whole Foods Market’s Latest Obsession: Pupusas

Our food truck test kitchen enjoyed a delicious kickoff in Austin, Texas in March with Tartinette, an open-faced sandwich concept. The truck is now enjoying its second theme — pupusas!

Trend Watch

We love talking trends and according to Google, we’re not the only ones. The search engine recently compiled the five most-searched food trends from January 2014 to February 2016, and some of the top-trending topics looked pretty familiar!

Get to Know Ras el Hanout, Berbere and Dukkah

Ras el hanout, berbere and dukkah are perhaps the most well-known spice blends of African cooking, used most frequently in Morocco, Ethiopia and Egypt. These blends vary from family to family and spice vendor to spice vendor. Luckily, they are sold premade in the U.S., or you can make your own to suit your tastes. Here's what to make with them.

Discover New Favorites: Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-brewed coffee is light and refreshing, making it an appealing alternative to hot coffee in the summer. Enter Califia Farm’s ready-to-drink cold-brewed coffees — here are a couple of their latest and greatest additions.

Get to Know DIY Plant Milks

Whether you’re abiding by a strict dairy-free diet or you just like to experiment with different milks in your smoothies and cereals, you can make vegan plant milk from grains, seeds, nuts and even fruits at home. Here’s how.

Get to Know Cherimoya

With a creamy, custardy texture, cherimoya is a fruit that's often described as a cross between a banana and a pineapple but smells very similar to a mango. Learn why we love it.


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