Featured Cheese: Mons-Cazelle de Saint Affrique

Life Is Always Greener Trivia Game

Life is Always Greener Trivia

New Stuff in Stores - April

It's always a treat to find out what the latest and greatest products are before you get to the store. These aren't the only new items this month, but it's enough to whet your appetite. Enjoy!



Recycle Your Old Fridge Sweepstakes

Bosch Fridge

Artist Discovery Series: Mishka

MishkaMy team has the exciting responsibility of overseeing our national music program - you know, the CDs in our stores. We launched the "Artists Discovery Series" to celebrate exceptional emerging artists who share a passion for the causes and social initiatives that we support as well.

Dubliner Irish Cheddar with Stout

Dubliner Cheese

The Greening of Lakewood

Lakewood Whole Foods Market WOW!! What a great green store for the Lakewood neighborhood!

Great New Stuff in Stores Now!

listAs many value experts will tell you, one of the best ways to avoid impulse buying is to come to the store with a list of what you need. Great advice. But, as we all know, new products come out that fit our needs and we really want to try!

South America's Prime Wines

Wines from South America

Annie's Does It Again

Annie\'s Snack Mix

Annie's has done it again.



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