What's New in May

Here is a a sampling of the products that are new in our stores this month. if you try them, come back and let us know what you think. Late JulyLate July Organic Mini Sandwich Cookies

Solixir with Natural Botanicals


Conscious Consumption Trivia Game

Conscious Consumption Trivia
How green are your groceries? Take the "Conscious Consumption" Earth Month trivia quiz.

Up For Renewal Trivia Game

Up for Renewal Trivia
How savvy are you about energy efficiency and renewables? Take the "Up for Renewal" Earth Month trivia quiz.

Could you be the next "Organic Idol?"


We know our readers are passionate about organics and we're guessing you're a talented lot as well. So we want to make sure you know about the Organic Institute's contest seeking the next "organic idol."

For the Greener Good Trivia Game

For the Greener Good Trivia
Which eco-friendly choices give power to the people? Take the "For the Greener Good" Earth Month trivia quiz.

In The Loop Trivia Game

In the Loop Trivia
Do you know enough to bring the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) full circle? Take the "In the Loop" Earth Month trivia quiz.

Celebrate the Earth with Organic Flowers


Kudos to You for Reusing Bags!

Plastic Bags

Featured Cheese: Mons-Cazelle de Saint Affrique


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