The Value Guru and the Five-Finger Discount

spice_aniseI was flipping through the October-November issue of The Whole Deal and this money-saving tip caught my eye (I wrote the piece months ago, so I'd almost forgotten it):

Shortcut Chef Giveaway Winner!

Wow, we've got some creative shortcut chefs out there, chock full of creative ideas for saving time in the kitchen without sacrificing quality. From stocking up on fresh veggies in season and freezing them yourselves to inventive uses of rotisserie chicken to "cheating" with our Prepared Foods and Bakery selection - there's lots of wonderful ways to save both time and money in our dinnertime pursuits. And without further ado, this week's randomly selected* winner…
Denice H:

The Value Guru Rewards the Shortcut Chef

Your "Buy-Some-Make-Some" Ideas Could Make you a Winner RotisserieChicken

The Value Guru Cookbook Giveaway Winner!

With tight budgets, lots of cooks are turning to their home kitchens to recreate their restaurant favorites. We're happy to hear lots of you out there being ambitious and creative with your culinary endeavors! Check out our winning entry for this past week's Value Guru contest: Congratulations to our randomly selected* winner...

Value Guru Gives Bucks and Books to a Cook

Let’s Hear about Restaurant Meals Made at Home


The Virtual Store Giveaway Winner!

Last week, we thought we did pretty well with over 300 responses to the "Get the Good Stuff for Less" Value Guru giveaway. This week, we had over 1000 responses to the "What is your favorite 365 Everyday Value product?" question.  A big thanks to you all for sharing your faves with us! Congratulations to our randomly selected* winner...
CadesMom: I love your 365 semi-sweet chocolate chips! I make the 30 mile trip to get them whenever it’s time to bake cookies and brownies. I also buy in bulk! They have the richest, chocolaty-est taste. Wonderful!

The Value Guru Virtually Gives Away the Store

Tell Us About Your Favorite 365 Everyday Value® Product and You Could Win

The Good Stuff for Less Winner!

Wow!  We received over 300 responses to this past week's Value Guru giveaway, where you shared how you get the good stuff for less.  Thank you all for your great tips and congratulations to our randomly selected* winner...

The Value Guru Gets the Good Stuff for Less

Share your Ideas and You Could Get Some Good Stuff Free!

BetterBag In a recent Harris Interactive survey, 76% said they don't want to compromise on the quality of the food they buy and 65% say they would like to find ways to be able to buy natural and/or organic foods on a budget.

The Value Guru Picks a Winner! Small Bites Recipe Contest

Congratulations to Susan K for her Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms recipe! To see Susan’s simple, tasty recipe, check out our upcoming special Giving & Entertaining issue of The Whole Deal value guide when it appears in stores and online December 1st.


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