The Whole Deal™ on our Bakery

Allow me to introduce you to our bakery department.  This beautifully arranged and often deliciously fragrant part of the store is filled with cakes, pastries and breads - perfect for your holiday entertaining needs, as well as your everyday needs.  Di

The Whole Deal™ on Thanksgiving

Yes, I couldn't resist posting a Whole Deal tips post featuring Thanksgiving tips.  As you can see from our chosen tips below, we've got some creative customers out there!  From using whole turkeys year-round to spreading out


The Whole Deal™ on Efficient Shopping

I'm one of those people who can wander a grocery store for hours, weaving in and out of the aisles, often times doubling back just because.  However, this means that sometimes wonderful and unintended purchases end up in my gr


The Whole Deal™ on Eating In

One of the great pleasures in life is enjoying a memorable meal with your loved ones. Restaurants eliminate the work that goes into preparing a great meal - but at a price.


The Whole Deal™ on Bulk

One of my favorite aisles to walk down in any Whole Foods Market is the bulk section.  Towering clear bins brimming with grains, dried beans, dried fruits, nuts, spices and more - all waiting to be weighed out and taken home -


Budget Recipes from our Readers

In our Budget Recipe Challenge, we got some excellent recipes and money-saving tips from a seasoned group of food bloggers.  After going through our comment


Budget Recipe Challenge Wrap Up!

We know you've all been eagerly awaiting the results of our Food Blogger Budget Recipe Challenge and we're pleased to announce that the winner, by overwhelming audience voting is....

The Whole Deal™ on Coupons

Can you say great deal?! Print out our new coupon — $5 off any $25 or more purchase in any of our U.S. stores – good from now until October 22, 2008. This coupon has now expired!


The Whole Deal™ on "Frugal Fun"

We often get stuck in our own ruts without realizing.  We buy the same grocery items week after week, make the same dishes again and again and wonder why we get bored with eating at home.  This week, we challenge you to look a


Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen

Each of our six of our finalists for the Food Blogger Budget Recipe Challenge will be featured in a blog post here. Read about them and check out their featured recipe. By posting a comment on their recipe page, you help determine the winner in our Challenge AND you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $500 gift card!


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