14 Things To Always Buy at Whole Foods Market

Don't forget, no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats are allowed in our stores, so you can always shop with peace of mind no matter what’s in your basket.

Winter Meals for Four on a Budget

In the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide we have a week’s worth of budget-friendly meal ideas to fill your family's plates without emptying your wallet.

10 Simple Ways to Save

Choices count and you can choose good health and a healthy budget. Just follow these 10 money-saving tips for shopping in our stores.

Budget-Friendly Sips and Bites Worth Sharing

True party-perfect recipes should make a big impact on your guests, not your bank account.

Good Things to Give Without Giving Away the Bank

Does the list of people you need to buy gifts for this holiday season keep growing?

Budget-Friendly Small Bites

Celebrate with our team members’ winning recipes for appetizers that are tasty on the palate and easy on the wallet. These all ring in at less than 50¢ a piece.

Learn to Cook: Beef Pot Roast

Much easier to prepare than you might think, pot roast makes a fabulous one-dish dinner…and even better leftovers.

Preserving Fall's Bounty

Waste not, want not with these ten simple tips for preserving fall’s harvest from The Whole Deal value guide.

A Fresh Harvest of Sure Deals

Looking forward to some cool weather cooking? Then stock your pantry with these Sure Deals so you can whip up something warm this fall.

Budget-Friendly Meals: Take the $5 Challenge

Take the Slow Food $5 Challenge with a little help from The Whole Deal’s budget-friendly recipes and daily dinner planner and you’ll redefine the “value meal.”


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