Whole Planet Travels to La Paz, Bolivia

In this installment of Dispatches from the Field, Steve and Philip brave oxygen deprivation and "Death Road" (renowned as the most dangerous road in the world) to reach folks in the rural communities of Bolivia with Pro Mujer to provide financial services coupled with health and education.

Whole Planet Travels to Arequipa, Peru

Whole Planet Travels to Facatativa, Colombia

Steve Wanta sends us this video from Facatativa, Colombia where the Whole Planet Foundation team is doing a feasibility study to determine whether the foundation can support and sustain a microcredit loan program.

Whole Planet Travels

Join Steve Wanta as he travels South America visiting current Whole Planet Foundation microcredit projects and seeking out new opportunities where the Foundation can provide assistance.

Change for Change

Team Member GivingHere's a huge shout out to the amazing team members at Whole Foods Market. It has been two years since we started the Whole Planet Foundation Team Member Giving program.

Empower the Poor $1 at a Time

Whole Planet Foundation

Whole Planet Foundation Borrower-Inspired Recipes

Whole Planet FoundationWhole Planet Foundation empowers impoverished individuals in our global communities through

Team Member Donations to the Whole Planet Foundation

I am so proud to be one of over 9,200 Whole Foods Market team members who donate through payroll deduction to help support the work of our Whole Planet Foundation. The Foundation has various funding sources, and our team members are giving over $20,000 each payday to fund microlending in Whole Foods Market communities around the world.

Voices from Garifuna

The Whole Planet in Pictures


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