The Rooster, the national symbol of good fortune and miraculous timing in Portugal

Wines from Portugal

In Portugal’s Legend of El Galo de Barcelos, a pilgrim passing through the town of Barcelos is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. The town magistrate, entertaining guests at dinner, sentences the pilgrim to hang. The pilgrim declares, “When the roasted rooster on your table rises and crows three times, so shall you know I am innocent.” As the pilgrim is led off to the gallows, the rooster rises from the table and crows. The magistrate, seeing this miracle, orders the pilgrim freed. Thus, the rooster becomes a national symbol of good fortune and miraculous timing.

So, too, are these wines a miraculous revelation, introducing you to delicious new blends and unique varietals of undeniable elegance, delight and incredible value. It’s time for Portugal’s wines to rise and shine!

Lima by João Portugal Ramos

Loureiro Vinho Verde

A rare find — a wine using 100% loureiro grapes. Thriving in Portugal’s Vinho Verde region, the grape is so-named for its aromatic “laurel” scent.


Bright and fresh with citrus and floral aromas. Ripe pineapple, guava and a hint of mango lend a tropical edge. Substantial body, with a touch of lemon curd on the lingering finish. A spring break wine for grown-ups!

Goes With

Palhais goat cheese, scallops, pasta with lemon, spiral-sliced ham, grilled cheese, fish tacos, mango salsa


Monte Velho White

The Alentejo region of southwestern Portugal dates its winemaking roots back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks, but it was the Roman Empire that helped create an industry here that thrives to this day.


Aromas of fresh white stone fruits with citrus notes in this pale straw-colored White blend. Intriguing volcanic minerality and lightness on the tongue. Lovely balance, with persistent aromatic fruit on the long finish.

Goes With

Risa goat cheese, shrimp croquettes, clams, linguine carbonara, kale Caesar salad, roasted chicken, grilled plums


Vinho Verde Rosé

The Vinho Verde region makes Reds and Rosés too — not just Whites! It numbers more than 30,000 small growers, many of whom train their grape vines high off the ground, making room to grow vegetables below.


Light with a playful hint of bubbles. Strawberry and raspberry aromas move to flavors of dried cranberries and ripe lemon. A wisp of sweetness. Crisp, simple and elegant.

Goes With

Wellspring® Brie, lemon-strawberry coffee cake, a charcuterie plate, Thai curried shrimp, BLT sliders, the perfect wine for nibbles and noshes


Original Red

From the Setúbal peninsula on Portugal’s south central coast, Periquita was the country’s first bottled Red, created by renowned winemaker José Maria da Fonseca in 1850.


Enticing dark ruby color. Wild berries, raspberries, mint and vanilla aromas. Sassafras and cherry flavors add to an earthy complexity. Velvet body, fruity and soft with a well-balanced, mouthwatering finish.

Goes With

Alva goat cheese, kale soup, pulled pork, leg of lamb, quail with pomegranate, mint salsa verde


Dão Red Wine Blend

The Dão winegrowing region in north central Portugal, protected on three sides by a horseshoe shape of granite mountains and gently influenced by the Atlantic, is widely considered the source of the country’s best grapes.


Ripe with savory aromas of crushed herbs and hints of black pepper. Polished, smooth mouthfeel. Smoky black fruit and warm, earthy flavors seem to expand when they hit your tongue. Silky tannins give depth to the long finish.

Goes With

Rogue Creamery Oregon Anniversary Blue, prime rib, strip steak with blue cheese, rosemary roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables, grilled portobello mushrooms

Luis Pato

Colheita Seleccionada Red Wine

Luis Pato, a renowned winemaker balancing innovation and tradition, continues to introduce creative techniques like canopy management and partial de-stemming to revolutionize Portugal’s wine industry.


Dark chocolate aromas mingle with ripe raspberry in this captivating, layered Red. Elegance and depth define the structured dark fruit and plum flavors. Lingering spice punctuates the lengthy, finely balanced finish.

Goes With

Sartori Rum Runner cheese, feijoada (Portuguese bean and pork stew), cocoa-rubbed duck or chicken, paella with chorizo, lentil soup

Casa Ferreirinha

Esteva Douro

Narrow, stonewalled vineyards in Douro’s central region are a proudly preserved symbol of the area’s 2,000-years of winemaking — and have been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Forward aromas of red currants and cherries. Attractive warm notes of cedar and tobacco with a touch of new leather. Flavors build softly, showing structure with fine, integrated tannins. Beautiful acidity leads to an elegant and harmonious finish.

Goes With

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar aged at Cellars at Jasper Hill, coq au vin, chili, Irish stew, ratatouille, short ribs, sautéed mushrooms

Quinto do Crasto


Quinto do Crasto has embarked upon a process of identifying each of its more than 30 grape varieties by DNA, with a goal of preserving the winery’s unique and obscure vines.


Striking violet color. Fresh, intense berry fruit aromas counterpointed by elegant floral notes. Look for lingering spice flavors and hints of crushed stone in the expanding finish. A special wine, sumptuous and enduring.

Goes With

Queijo São Jorge, marinara sauce, spaghetti Bolognese, grilled eggplant, Easter ham, jambalaya, cioppino

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