Just Pin It!

“Pin It.” Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! If you don’t, then you should. Pinterest is only one of the most beautiful and engrossing sites on the Internet. Why’s that? Because it allows you to curate, organize and share all the gorgeous images and fabulous ideas that you find on the web. When you “pin” an image to your “pinboard,” it keeps the URL of the original website so you can go back for the details later. Like when you’re ready to tackle that great DIY project you pinned. Even better, you can get lost in inspiration-land looking at what everyone else has pinned on their pinboards.



It’s a social networking site, like Facebook and Twitter, so if you like something someone pinned comment on it and repin it to one of your boards. See a pinner who has great taste or shares your interests? Follow one or all of their boards. Keep up with what your friends are pinning and of course, share all the wonderful things you’ve found on your journeys through the web. 

You can use your virtual pinboards for all sorts of things: planning a wedding, designing an outdoor garden, finding a color scheme for the interior of a house,  even collecting recipes! That’s why we’ve added the ‘Pin It’ button to all the recipes on our website. In fact, we love Pinterest so much that we just had to start curating our own pinboards, from recipes to kitchen design to upcycling projects. Take a look at some of our most popular boards, follow Whole Foods Market® on Pinterest and get pinning too!



Our “Who Wants Dinner?!” board is all about recipes.  Some of them come from our own online recipe database, but many are from other food websites including magazines and blogs! Not only will you find beautiful, mouthwatering photos, but each picture provides a link back to the recipe where you can learn how to make the dish you see in the image. 




This board provides inspiration and ideas for throwing beautiful parties.  Looking for a unique wedding idea?  How about a theme for a summer time outdoor garden party?  Our “Edible Celebrations” board provides tons of useful ideas.  But keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily all our ideas. They’re ones that we’ve discovered across the web that we find particularly interesting.




There’s so much more to our company than simply selling great food. We’re also deeply concerned about our impact on the environment. That’s why we’re into reusing and recycling items whenever possible.  Our “We’re Used to Reusing” board provides ideas for repurposing stuff into something else or upcycling old, useless items into new pieces that provide a useful function!




Fabulous meals don’t just appear out of thin air. They have to be cooked! And our “Super Hot Kitchens” boards is a collection of beautiful cooking (and eating) spaces that we dream of playing in!  Most of the photos on this board come from online architecture magazines and design blogs that frequently share this type of content, which makes the photos on the board a window to great interior design sites you may not have known exist!

Are you ready to get on Pinterest?  Visit their site and request an invitation to join.Are you already pinning? Follow us

What type of virtual pinboard will you create?