Academy for Conscious Leadership Mission Statement

The Academy for Conscious Leadership prepares leaders to lead from a place of service by guiding them through experiences that identify their higher purpose and create cultures of meaning.

To do this, a faculty comprised of Whole Foods Market Team Members, thought leaders and fellow travelers exposes participants to ideas that challenge their perspectives, allowing them to consider a new reality.

In addition to adhering to the tenets of Conscious Capitalism, the Academy embraces the following behaviors:

  • We model compassion, empathy and understanding.
  • We recognize the value in different kinds of minds.
  • We challenge our perceptions.
  • We encourage leaders to understand their own reactions, desires, motivations as well as those of others.
  • We believe in the wholeness of all things and face our shadows along with our light.
  • We model humility and recognize that we always have more to learn.
  • We are creative in our methods and explore new ideas.
  • We practice gratitude.

The world is ready for a new crop of intentional leaders, and through the Academy we will help them to flourish while enriching a vibrant and entrepreneurial culture.


The Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

  • 1We are led by purpose

  • 2We create value for multiple stakeholders

  • 3We are marked by Conscious "Servant" Leadership

  • 4We celebrate a culture of meaning and high energy

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