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Welcome to the Whole Green Blog!

In celebration of Earth Month – also known as “April” — we are launching this blog as a way for our readers to share their great ideas about how to keep our Earth strong and healthy. For the past year or so, we’ve invited our fl@vors newsletter subscribers (sign up now) to send us their simple, actionable tips for making the world a “greener” place – with the bonus of a $25 Whole Foods Market gift card if we published their tip in the newsletter.

All About Salt

This episode is all about specialty salts. We'll check-in with our experts on what's available, how salt affects our health and how to jump in and explore new ways of salting your foods. Got a comment after listening to this podcast? Use the comment section to let us know!

Cast Iron Cookware and Catfish

Dive into naturally raised catfish, along with the benefits and how-tos of cast iron cookware. We even tie the two together and offer up a delicious recipe for cooking catfish in a cast iron skillet.

Stress and the Art of Relaxation

Stressed out? You are not alone, nearly 66% of Americans have sought help for stress. In this episode we speak with a MD, Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Aromatherapist about natural options that can help you reduce your stress and bring your body back into balance.