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Special Guest Interview: Carlo Petrini

Enjoy this in-depth interview with Carlo Petrini, founder and driving force behind the Slow Food organization. The interview is centered around his new book, “Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food Should be Good, Clean, and Fair.”

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

Several of us around here have been having issues with fruit flies in our kitchens, so we were thrilled to read Shannon’s tip:

The Art of Grilling

Join us as we talk to a handful of seasoned grilling experts and find out their favorite grilling techniques for meats, seafood, vegetables and even fruit.



It's not magic, but it's close. Tune in to hear about the latest research on Aloe and how it can support supplement absorption.

Clean Green this Spring

With the spring cleaning season well underway, we thought it appropriate to address the following question raised by Linda in the comments section of our last post, “What is a green product to use that actually works to clean the bathtub shower scum off of the shower glass doors? I have purchased green and non green products. Thanks so much for your advice.” Here are a couple of “recipes” for all-natural cleaners that should help with that stubborn shower scum: Glass Cleaner #1: Combine 1/4 cup vinegar and one quart of water. Plain club soda also works!


Wines from Spain

Spain is a country full of culinary traditions. Join us as we highlight some delicious Spanish wines, suggest cheese pairings and talk tapas.

Catfish Tacos with Thai Cabbage Slaw

Sneak Peek: A behind the scenes look of Secret Ingredient

Top Tips for Cleansing

Want to know the top three tips for cleansing? All equally important, two of them are simple: Eat healthy foods in small amounts, and drink plenty of water. The third tip, however, is just as vital, and sometime overlooked: support your liver. This hard-working organ filters all the blood in the body several times a day, breaking down toxic substances and sending them on to be eliminated. Because the main goal of cleansing is more efficient elimination of toxins, liver support and protection is extremely important. Experts recommend the herb milk thistle for the job.


Everything you wanted to know about internal cleanses but were afraid to ask. In this episode we will speak with two nutritionists and a MD about how cleansing can help your body run more efficiently, what ingredients to look for when purchasing a cleanse product and tips on how to manage some of the side effects of cleansing.

Mother’s Day

Tune in as we share some unique ideas for celebrating this special day.