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Heirloom Tomatoes / Episode 1

Back to College

Not to forget the college students who are headed back for a new fall semester, we interviewed a couple of college students and a recent graduate about how to eat more healthfully on campus.

Back to School / Parent Focus

It's back to school time and we're offering up a fresh focus on healthy food. Tune in for some great tips and recipe ideas to help keep your kids healthy and productive in the school year ahead.

Chapel Hill Creamery


Carolina Classic Catfish


Chipotle Chicken Salad

Local Foods

Hear from our local foragers on how to find locally grown and produced foods. We'll also share some recipe ideas for those delicious local peaches available this time of year.


Superfoods Part II

Continuing with our series on Superfoods, on this episode we have Whole Foods Market Nutritionist and Quality Standards Coordinator Jody Villeco. Jody talks to us about the specifics of Superfoods, she will tell us about certain Superfoods and their makeup, where you can find them and tips on how to get more into your diet.

The Greener Side of the Fence

With summer heating up, lawns often need a little help staying green. While many people opt for chemical fertilizers to treat their lawns, Matt of Columbus, OH, suggests a different route. "There are many organic fertilizers on the market now, so no excuses for polluting our watersheds/groundwater. Think about it! If a sudden rainstorm hits, where does your fertilizer go? If that’s not the case, it still ends up in the water tables below. Use organic feeders and let your kids and babies play healthy! Why have a lawn if you are afraid to take your shoes

Jones Valley Urban Farm


Walnut Pesto Pasta and Hearts of Palm and Piquillo Pepper Salad

Superfoods: Packed with “Antioxidants”

These days, ANTIOXIDANT is both a health buzz word AND a big reason to eat superfoods. But you may be wondering "what IS an antioxidant?" Antioxidants protect the body from wear and tear, while strengthening the immune system, muscles, bones and skin. They do this by stabilizing cell-damaging “free radicals” that form as we use energy and age. Unhealthy processed and sugary foods, stress, excessive exercise, extended sun exposure and some chemicals in our environment also spur free radical production.

Chilean Sea Bass with Grilled Mango Salsa

Lee’s Bees



Welcome to our series on superfoods, we are starting to hear a lot more about superfoods; blueberries, pomegranates, Goji berries to name a few. On this episode we will be talking with a nutritionist about what makes a food a superfood, and why these foods are so important for our bodies.