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Chance To Win A Trip To Costa Rica

Introducing Pineapple With A Purpose

Learn to Cook, Learn to Save: Quinoa

Cooking quinoa is easier done than said! All it takes is fire and water and about 30 minutes with very little attention. And really, “KEEN-wah” is not any harder to say than it is to cook. Check it out. Why Should I? Quinoa is a complete protein containing all eight essential amino acids. It’s light and fluffy in texture but has that whole grain ability to fill people up—and if you’ve got company coming, this recipe easily doubles to serve eight people.

Aromatic Rosemary


How To Have An Egg-cellent Easter

Cooking For One: Eggs for Dinner

Make It Natural: Carrot-Oat Cake

Vital Farms

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Spinach: Strong to the Finish

Gluten Free Bakehouse

The First Signs of Spring

Ham for Easter


Peak Pick: Artichokes


The Whole Deal’s Meals for Four

Don't get caught in a dinner pinch. You'll save some green and some time by following our weeklong meal plan for four (or a few more). These ideas, recipes and tips are designed to help you get the most from your grocery budget. How lucky is that? MONDAY: Veggie Monday

Recipes for Spring Gatherings

The weather is starting to change, the trees are beginning to bud and the food on our tables is getting a spring makeover! From garden parties to Passover dinner and Easter brunch, there are so many wonderful reasons to enjoy delicious meals with family and friends. Here are some of our favorite recipes for the season.

Natural Ingredients for Energy

In Part 2 of our series on Natural Energy, we take a closer look at ingredients in the top natural energy products and supplements. Dr. Hyla Cass tells us about what to look for, including vitamins and herbs, and what to steer clear of when choosing one of the many popular products that promise a boost these days. Dr. Cass is one of the country's foremost authors and speakers on the subject of integrative medicine.

The Spiel on Spelt

A Perfect Proportion of Daffodils


Adventures in Brewing: Guinness Draught


Celebrate Passover…Naturally

A Wine Walkabout


All that Jazz - Kid's Version

Are You Eating Something Green?

Lifestyle Tips for Balancing Energy

Curious about all the promises of energy for your busy day that are packed into pills and drinks these days? Is there any truth in what the labels and ads are selling, and why are so many of us in need of an extra pep in our step? Ric Scalzo, a respected herbalist, botanical researcher, and founder of Gaia Herbs, gives us some answers, and tells us how to balance energy naturally and safely.

Add Some Adzuki Beans

What's New

Every month, we are pleased to add many new products to our shelves that have passed the testing and tasting and met our strict Quality Standards. And each month, we choose a dozen or so to call to your attention. Look for the "what's new" poster and shelf signs for new products — or new varieties of old favorites — that we think you'll especially enjoy.


The Perfection of Corned Beef


What Would You Do with a Case of Peanut Butter?


Chilean Grape Shortage Imminent


Supplier Alliance Plants Seeds of Prosperity

As the Director of Partnership Development and Internal Programs for Whole Planet Foundation, Joy Peterson helps develop strategic partnerships and guides our Team Member Volunteer Program.

Save Green With The New Whole Deal

Are you ready for a budget shakeup? We’ve got your back with big ideas and small changes for spring in the March/April issue of The Whole Deal value guide.

Spring Dilemma: Seeds or Starter Plants


Turmeric - Absolutely To Dye For

Turmeric, an herb from the ginger family, is a powerful antioxidant and supports healthy inflammation. It's been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic Indian medicine for centuries.