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Tips for Greener Holidays: Lights

Here are a few tips from the Whole Foods Market Green Mission Team to help you rethink your approach to holiday lights. Got tips? Share ‘em!

Holiday Bake-Off

Is your vegan pie the best? Got a great gluten-free bread recipe? Are your holiday cookies simply divine? Then enter them in the Earth Balance Holiday Bake-off!

Tips for Greener Holidays: Christmas Trees

Here are a few tips from the Whole Foods Market Green Mission Team about shopping for a Christmas tree. Got tips of your own? Share ‘em!

Favor Fennel

Reminiscent of both licorice and anise, and looking a bit like celery, one crunchy bite tells you this is no ordinary vegetable. Learn how to add fennel to your fall menu.

Our Outstanding Ham

Christmas ham is a delicious classic, and we make sure that the hams we provide for your holiday table are raised to our standards for no antibiotics or animal byproducts in their feed and no added nitrates in processing. Learn more and compare.

Bring on the Green…with Fresh Trees

Mother Nature is gearing up for a wardrobe change and so are some of our stores — with fresh Christmas trees from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Learn about family-owned and operated Bottomley Evergreens & Farms.

Top Ten Holiday Wines Takeover Twitterdom

19 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Leftover Turkey

Thank you!

Although the day before Thanksgiving is our busiest day of the entire year, we pause to share what we're thankful for.

Goodnight Brothers Country Hams

This blog post previously contained an outdated video about a supplier. We have removed the video to prevent confusion.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Our produce expert shares his favorite Thanksgiving sides, which showcase some of the extra special bounty of the fall.

World Christmas Party

While people around the world celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in different ways, we all share the common desire to enjoy a festive holiday season with family and friends and great music.

Get Crazy with Cranberries

Packed with antioxidants, cranberries add zing and color to your fall favorites. From sauces and breads to roasted veggies and pilaf, learn how we dish out the cranberries.

Favorite Sweets for the Thanksgiving Table

So many delicious things to bake, so little time and oven space!  Here are some of our favorites for this Thursday’s feast: Pies (and Two Pie Crusts): You can finally settle the “pumpkin or apple” question with our Pumpkin Apple Pie that combines both ingredients in one pie!

Simple Meals for One or Two During the Holidays

Don’t break the bank by eating out between holiday feasts. Our week long meal plan for one or two keeps the cooking simple and delicious.

Carve a Turkey with Confidence

Carving the Thanksgiving turkey can be a daunting endeavor. Watch our easy step-by-step video, and you’ll soon be carving with confidence.

Setting the Mood with Music and Food

Grammy nominee Jim Brickman (“America’s Romantic Piano Sensation”) shares his thoughts on setting the holiday mood, plus a chance to win a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card.

Stock Up on These Hanukkah Essentials

Hanukkah is right on the heels of Thanksgiving so stock up early on these essentials. That way you can focus on your celebration rather than shopping.

Let the Party Begin - Beaujolais Nouveau is Here!

The first party guest has arrived! Light and fruity and always on time, this guest brings good cheer, gets along with everyone at the table as well as everything on the table.

Cooking the Perfect Turkey

Whether you’re a seasoned turkey roaster or are cooking your first Thanksgiving bird, our collection of holiday recipes and Guide to Cooking a Perfect Turkey will help!

Our Turkey Farmers

These dedicated farmers and ranchers raise our turkeys — with no animal byproducts in their feed and no antibiotics ever. Your choice of fresh, frozen, value, organic, kosher or heritage.

Simplify and Save for Thanksgiving

Think Thanksgiving is all about overdoing it? Think again. Here are some ways to keep it simple, and save while you’re at it. 5 Simple Tips for Holiday Season Success 1. Make a Turkey Plan for when to buy, where to store, how to cook…and also for using leftovers. We’ve got guides, how-to videos and recipes on our holiday pages to help you tackle the turkey.

Time for Cranberries in Everything

From cheese to chutneys, crackers and beer, cranberries liven up just about everything for the holidays. Find out what unique cranberry specialties we’re tasting this season.

Set the Table With Whole Trade™ Flowers

Set your table with beautiful flowers while helping others. Learn how Whole Trade™ flowers translate into Gladys feeling respected with fair wages and opportunities for her family.

A Bird for Every Budget

Fresh, frozen, value, kosher, organic, heritage and more. Learn how to choose a turkey that matches your values and budget while also meeting our strict quality standards.

Favorite Salad Recipes for the Holiday Table

Salads provide a fresh complement to some of the richer flavors typically on the Thanksgiving table. Try our favorite salads starring greens, grains, fruit, veggies, cheese and more.

Healthy Tip: Cooking with Whole Spices

Add aromatic depth and fabulous flavor with whole spices like nutmeg, allspice, cumin, peppercorn and more. Learn how to use whole or grind fresh into our favorite “spicy” recipes.

Our Turkey Farmers

Meet the farmers and ranchers who raise our turkeys — with no animal byproducts in their feed and no antibiotics ever. Fresh, frozen, value, organic, kosher or heritage…we’ve got you covered.

Taste and Tweet - Sweet!

You and six of our Top Ten wines are invited to Whole Foods Market’s first-ever Twitter Tasting on Wednesday, November 17th. Join us from 7 to 8pm ET to taste and tweet!

Fantastic Fall Meals for Four

Want to feed your family Fall’s fantastic flavors without failing your finances? It’s easy. Simply follow our week long meal plan for four.

Let's Talk Turkey

Looking for a one-stop source for answers to questions about turkey buying, cooking, carving and more? We’ve got you covered so you can relax and enjoy this quintessential turkey holiday.

Whole Body and Vitamin Angels

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My Stuffing is Better Than Yours

Every Thanksgiving we brace for the inevitable “my stuffing is better than yours” debate. Cornbread or sourdough? Pecans or chestnuts? Oysters or turkey? Whether you go for traditional or a new twist, let your voice be heard!

Planning a Holiday Menu for Special Diets

This holiday season don’t be caught off guard by dinner guests with specific dietary restrictions. Try our tips and recipes to help make sure all of your guests are well-fed and satisfied.

What's New in November

It’s not all turkey and Tofurky around here during November. We also have lots of new stuff that tastes great any time of year. Here’s a peek at some of the new products you’ll find on our store shelves this month: Keep reading for a chance to win some goodies from one of our newest vendors.

Favorite Holiday Side Dish Recipes

Meet Our Turkey Ranchers

We know exactly where our turkeys come from and you can too! Meet some of our turkey farmers and ranchers and find out a little bit about the people behind your Thanksgiving dinner.

The Secret for a Relaxing Thanksgiving: Planning!


This Season, Every Sip is a Story

Every sip is a story this holiday season – even the price! All of our Top Ten Holiday Wines are under $15 a bottle. Stock up on these easy-going wines and enter to win a California Wine Country Getaway.

Help for the Holiday Cook

What Sets Our Shrimp Apart?

You’ll never find added phosphates or sulfates in our shrimp— we don’t want anything to take away from the sweet, delicate flavor of shrimp raised right. Learn what sets our shrimp apart.

Calendar, Coupons and Change

Buy a calendar, change a life! Show your support for Whole Planet Foundation microcredit clients (and get over $20 in coupons) by purchasing a 2011 calendar for $2 http://www.wholeplanetfoundation.org/get-involved/whole-foods-market-cal....

Learn to Cook, Learn to Save: Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash makes an excellent side dish or a fun substitute in thin noodle recipes, from Asian to Italian. It is loaded with nutrients, such as beta carotene and fiber, and is tender, with just a slight crunch. This super-simple Spaghetti Squash recipe is a great one to master because it can be the basis for such a wide variety of dishes. This basic recipe serves four for about $1.53 per serving.

We've Got Outstanding Turkeys

We can trace our turkeys back to the farm they are raised on, ensuring that they meet our standards for no antibiotics or animal byproducts in their feed. Learn more and compare.

What’s With That Holiday Table?

Have you ever been in our stores during the fall, walked by our Holiday Table and wondered, “What the heck is that? What are those people doing?” Well, the short answer is: “Those people are making their holidays less stressful.” Who couldn’t use some of that? We put together this video to help show how the team members at our Holiday Table can help make things easier for you.

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