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Break the Boredom with Buckwheat

Buckwheat is not wheat, not even a distant relative! But it is delicious, simple to prepare and packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

7 Tips for a Healthier Week 4

Try boosting your menu with beans! They are a great way to eat healthy on the cheap. Check out these seven tips for cooking with beans.

Get in the Game with Winning Recipes

My most pressing concern at this point isn’t which team will win, but rather: What’s on the game-watching menu?

Last Chance for a Healthy Pantry Makeover

It’s never too late to commit to healthy eating, but time’s running out to win a $99 pantry makeover — enter by January 31st.

USDA Disappoints: No Regulations on GE Alfalfa

It is difficult to express how disappointed we are by the USDA’s decision to completely deregulate genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa without restrictions. This news means farmers will now be able to plant Roundup Ready GE alfalfa without restrictions, beginning as soon as this spring.

Some Super Snacks + a GoodBelly

Need snacks for the big game? Try some of these super new products. Plus, we’re giving something good for your belly to follow your game day snack attack.

Game Day at Whole Foods Market

Experience the excitement of football’s big event through the eyes of our creative store team members. Touchdown favorites, anyone?

Save Some Green on Game Day Guacamole

Score big and save with avocados for favorite game day nibbles. The Value Guru tells all!

Warming Winter Lamb Dishes

Few things are more comforting than a warm and hearty lamb stew on cold winter nights!

Community Garden Magic

Produce from our Short Pump (Virginia) store’s Village Community Garden will soon be sold in our store. Find out what magic was created from a free plot of land and a whole lot of heart.

Do Right by Rye

Whether enjoyed as cereal, flour or flakes, rye is a hearty and delicious high-protein cereal grain that is digested more slowly than other grains.

7 Tips for a Healthier Week 3

Need creative inspiration for how to get more plant-based foods into your daily routine? We’ve got seven tips to get you through the week.

Win a Case of Organic Kosher Chicken Broth

Organic Kosher Chicken Broth is the perfect starter for winter warming dishes. Try it in these tasty recipes and enter to win a case.

Broccoli in Ten Ways

Boost the nutrition profile of your favorite dishes by adding family-friendly broccoli. Try broccoli in these ten ways and share how you like it best.

Urgent Action Needed to Support Organics and Non-GE Crops


More Peas, Please!

Learn how team member and first-time Mom Christine rises to the challenge of making dinner for baby and dad using the same main ingredient: green peas.

Vegetable Focus: Broccoli

January is the perfect time to load up your plate with broccoli, one of the most popular vegetables in the U.S.

Mellow Yellow - Millet Style!

Millet, a mildly-sweet, nutritious little grain, pleases people as well as birds! Learn how to enjoy millet’s delicate flavor in all kinds of dishes.

7 Tips for a Healthier Week 2

Need help quickly putting together meals with healthy eating in mind? We’ve got seven timesaving tips to get you through the week.

Don't Miss Out on a Healthy Pantry Makeover

Read a sampling of healthy eating changes our readers plan to make in 2011, and enter your own comment for a chance to win a $99 pantry makeover.

A Cheese with Real Culture

Try a taste of cheddar with real culture! Our cheese expert shares the story behind an amazing cheese – 178 years in the making.

Get Back in the Kitchen and Save

Learn to cook and learn to save! The Value Guru shares why cooking at home is more affordable and healthy.

We Love Local Granola!

What’s a more iconic health food than granola? Meet three of our Local Producer Loan Program recipients who started small businesses devoted to making this yummy treat.

Give Your Body a Beautiful Boost with Barley

Whether pearled, hulled or flaked, whole grain barley makes a tasty and healthy addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Learn tips and recipes for boosting barley in your meals.

Cooking from a Healthy Pantry

A well-stocked pantry can help you put a nutritious meal on the table quickly. Learn how one of our healthy eating specialists cooks from her nutrient dense pantry.

What's New in January: Lunch and Munch

It’s a new year! Don’t fall back into a stale lunch and snack routine. Keep things fresh by trying some of these new products, only available in our stores.

Get to Know Your Tilapia

Our Quality Standards for Aquaculture prohibit the common industry practice of adding a hormone to tilapia. Learn how our tilapia partners grow fish the old fashioned way.

Healthy Whole Body Cleansing

The New Year is a natural time to think about giving the body a much-needed vacation. Find out what to expect and avoid on a whole body cleanse, and the simple ways to make the most of your efforts to reduce the “body burden.”

Best Ever "Super Bowl-O-Mole" Year III

Ready for a fresh take on guacamole? Check out this killer “Super Bowl-O-Mole” recipe from our produce folks in Watsonville, California.

Healthy Tip: Get Cooking With Whole Grains

Eating whole grains provides nutrients that are vital for maintaining a healthy body. We share a few of our favorite whole grains and recipes to get you started.

Win a Healthy Pantry Makeover

We’re giving away ten $99 gift cards to help stock healthier pantries in 2011. Eating healthy can be done on a budget. Let us show you how!

Welcome the New Year with The Whole Deal

Here’s a New Year’s resolution we can help you keep – eat healthier on a budget! Save your way to a healthier you with the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide.