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Choosing Natural for Pregnancy

For many women, starting a family is an impetus to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Discover where to begin with better choices for supplements, body care and aromatherapy. Malia Curran is a nutrition consultant, speaker and mother of 2 young children.

Hail to the Humble Sesame Seed

White, black or brown, delicate sesame seeds are bursting with flavor. Spiff up your menus with the addition of sesame seeds.

Recipes Inspired by Microcredit Clients

Expand your cultural horizons with these recipes inspired by microcredit clients and help address world poverty by donating during Whole Planet Foundation Prosperity Campaign.

New Putumayo: Acoustic Dreamland

Learn about a new selection of classic and contemporary acoustic songs for bedtime and relaxation, and enter to win a 5-CD set from Putumayo’s Dreamland series.

Cooking For One: Seitan

When cooking for one, Team Member Jaye often chooses seitan (say-tahn) over other meat substitutes. Its dense, chewy texture is perfectly suited for Greek salads and more.

A Hand Up to Over Half a Million

Help give a hand up to over half a million people by donating during our annual Whole Planet Foundation Prosperity Campaign, and enter to win a trip to Peru to witness the benefits of microcredit firsthand.

5-Step Animal Welfare Rating: Pork

Learn about the 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Standards for pigs. The higher the Step, the more interesting their environment and the more natural their life.

And The Winning Menu Is…

Throw an award-winning party on Sunday by matching your menu to show your choice for the best film of 2010. See our suggested recipes and share yours.

Go for Some Unique Yogurt

Whether you’re gaga for yogurt or still learning to like the stuff, these unique products will open you up to a whole new world.

Nourishing Soup Stocks

Cool weather months are the perfect time for cooking up nourishing soup stocks. Serve some up now and freeze some for later.

Mom's Challenge: Cooked Carrots

Learn how team member and first-time Mom Christine rises to the challenge of making dinner for baby and dad using the same main ingredient: carrots.

Store Stories: Preparing for Snow

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what our stores do to help you make it through (yet another) winter storm.

Buy Bulk for the Health of It

Buy bulk for the health of it! The Value Guru tells you how to bulk up for healthy eating and budget savings.

Carrots are a Consistent Friend

For snacks, soups, stir-fries and more, carrots are always there when you need them. Learn why they are a friend to farmers too.

5-Step Chicken: What’s in a Number?

Learn about the 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Standards for chickens. The higher the Step, the more interesting their environment, the more time the animals spend outside, and the more natural their life.

Chocolate: An Affair to Remember

Not only is chocolate, in all of its myriad forms, indescribably delicious and aromatic, but thanks to antioxidants it may also can be good for us.

Seafood is for Lovers

Seafood is for lovers! Set the mood for Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner at home with these easy and impressive recipes.

Go Whole Trade™ for V-Day Roses


What Makes Our Meat Different

The more you know about our meat, the better. That’s just the bottom line around here. Our standards require no added hormones* and no antibiotics, ever. Our true partnerships with farmers and ranchers allow us to offer the highest quality, local and organic choices. And with leading animal welfare standards we’re encouraging a human approach to raising animals.


Sweet Somethings for Valentine's Day

Start a Valentine’s Day tradition you both will love with these scrumptious products and simple romantic gestures.

Ten Ways to Eat More Carrots

Raw, cooked, shredded and hidden in your favorite baked goods, we’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on carrots.

Heart Health and Essential Fats

What fats are essential for heart health and how can we ensure high-quality, adequate intake? Join us as we discuss the critical role good fats play in a heart-healthy diet.

EveryDay Shea Helps Togolese Communities

Learn how purchases of EveryDay Shea help disadvantaged communities in Togo and enter to win a gift basket full of Alaffia body care products.

Here's to Your Heart!

February is American Heart Month and we’re sharing some tips for eating your way to a happy heart.

Win Gifts That Give Back for Your Valentine

Tell us about your Valentine and you just might win a gift basket full of Whole Trade and Fair Trade treats and a gift card for flowers and more. Hurry...February 10th is the deadline.

Locally Grown Ginseng

Larry Harding foraged for wild ginseng with his father when he was young, and today he grows ginseng in 80 acres of shaded forest in Maryland.

Sweet Alternatives

It’s almost Valentine’s Day…time to pour on the sugar or maybe some syrup. How about stevia? We’ve got alternative sweeteners for every taste.

A Sneak Peek at New Stuff

Snowed in? Then take advantage of the time and jazz up your grocery list. Here’s a sneak peek at some new products you might want to add.

Mango Lovers, Rejoice!

Sweet and juicy Whole Trade™ Kent variety mangos are in our stores now. Learn about the Peruvian farmers who grow this less fibrous and very flavorful mango.

Leading Animal Welfare Standards

We’re providing shoppers a new level of transparency about how farm animals are raised by offering beef, pork and chicken certified under the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating™.

Win Your Valentine a Gift that Gives Back

Tell us what makes your Valentine special and you might win a gift basket full of socially responsible goodies plus a $150 gift card.