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Cooking with Cauliflower – Our 10 Best Ideas

Throw caution to the wind and go crazy for cauliflower when you try one of these 10 ways to cook the cruciferous veg tonight.

Fall Harvest Apples

With weather as wild and varied as it has been this summer, timing for the fall apple harvest has been hard to predict. Produce expert James shares what we can look forward to now that apples are arriving.

A Fresh Harvest of Sure Deals

Looking forward to some cool weather cooking? Then stock your pantry with these Sure Deals so you can whip up something warm this fall.

Upscaling Tchotchkes

In the latest episode of Urban Eco, host Amy Devers shows you how to transform a kitschy bowl into an eye-catching succulent planter.

Fall in Love with Organic Groceries

Here are just a few of the many organic grocery products that line our store shelves and give you all the more reason to fall in love with organics this month.

Sign Up for Project Green Challenge

Teens Turning Green is calling on high school and college students to take on a 30-day eco lifestyle challenge. Learn how you can change the world and win prizes.

An Appetite for Apples

Apples create serious temptation when baked into desserts, roasted with fall vegetables and sautéed with aromatic spices. Take a bite with these favorite apple recipes.

Want to Visit Costa Rica?

Enter for a chance to win a seven-day trip to the lush campus of EARTH University in Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica!

Delicious This Week: Organic Raspberries

Celebrate Organic Harvest Month by enjoying organic fruit. Read on to find recipes and ideas that feature organic raspberries, nature’s tangy-sweet treat.

The Gift Card that Keeps Giving, Automatically

Want to give someone you love access to healthy food all year long? See why a Whole Foods Market auto-reload gift card could be your best investment.

Traderspoint Creamery

When Jane Elder Kunz inherited her grandparents' farm, she and her husband Fritz decided to create the first organic dairy in Indiana. Take a tour in this video.

Are Your Cleaning Products Transparent?

We think you deserve to know what’s in your household cleaning products. Don’t you? Get the dirt on full-disclosure labeling.

Sausage Meisters in da House

With a team of elite Sausage Meisters in every store, we’ve developed over 40 different custom-made sausages that are made in-house daily! Find out more and get some recipes.

Popcorn That’s Tiny But Mighty

Meet Local Producer Loan recipient Tiny But Mighty — a Midwest company taking popcorn to another level with their heirloom corn passed down the family for generations. Seriously!

Herb Gardening

In this episode of Urban Eco, host Amy Devers shares quick tips on growing your own culinary herbs. You’ll be snipping and saving before you know it!

Organic Valley

Tyler and Melanie Webb are young farmers who run Stony Pond Farm, an organic dairy farm that supplies milk to Organic Valley. Answer a question about their process for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Celebrate Oktoberfest

Let’s celebrate the perfect union of wurst (sausage) and brew (beer) with Beck’s Oktoberfest and Original Brat Hans authentic German sausages. Try these recipes featuring sauerkraut at your festivities.

Recipes for EARTH University Pineapples and Bananas

Try these simple and delicious recipes featuring bananas and pineapples grown at EARTH University in Costa Rica.

In-a-Pinch Pasta Dinners

Go kid-friendly and cook-friendly with simple pasta dishes. Try our favorite pasta recipes for a smart, quick way to feed your family without falling prey to the fast food trap.

Delicious This Week: Organic Grapes

Celebrate Organic Harvest Month by appreciating the hard work of organic farmers! Try these recipes and ideas worthy of juicy and delicious organic grapes.

Supporting Organic Agriculture

What does “organic” really mean? Find out the precise requirements and discover why supporting organic agriculture is so important.

Hidden Veggie Pancakes

Always seeking ways to get more good stuff in her busy toddler, team member and first-time Mom Christine hides veggies in these delicious pancakes.

We Aced the $20 Challenge

Don’t Miss the Eat Real Festival

If you’re lucky enough be in Northern California’s Bay Area on the 23rd through the 25th, you must visit the Eat Real Festival. You’re appetite will thank you.

Itty Bitty Farm in the City

In this episode of Grow, chickens, goats and vegetables provide more than sustenance to Heidi and her daughter Ute in the Excelsior district of San Francisco. Watch their story on Thrive.

Win a Trip to Costa Rica!

Enter for a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica! 5 winners will visit the lush campus of EARTH University and explore scenic Guácimo, Limón.

Budget-Friendly Meals: Take the $5 Challenge

Take the Slow Food $5 Challenge with a little help from The Whole Deal’s budget-friendly recipes and daily dinner planner and you’ll redefine the “value meal.”

Vitamin Angels: Be an Angel

Did you know that one in three children worldwide do not get the nutrients they need to survive and thrive in their environments? Vitamin Angels helps reduce child mortality worldwide by connecting essential nutrients, especially vitamin A, with infants and children under five. Today, Vitamin Angels is reaching over 20 million children in more than 40 countries with the nutrition they need to live healthy, productive lives. Vitamin Angels created this video to show the impact of their work.

Sandwiches for Dinner

Break the bad-for-you fast food grip with convenient sandwich meals — no cooking required. What more can busy parents ask for?

Delicious This Week: Organic Bartlett Pears

From entrées and desserts to salads and snacking, celebrate Organic Harvest Month by trying some of these flavorful recipe ideas for sweet and juicy organic Bartlett pears.

Eros Yogurt

With organic milk from Diamond W Dairy, Eros Yogurt creates delectable flavors in their 100% solar-powered creamery. Answer a question about their process for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Dog Island Farms

Tom and Rachel dream of eating only food grown in their own backyard in Vallejo, California, learning from challenges and flourishing from successes. Watch their story on Grow.

Let’s Celebrate Organic Farmers

I Love Bacon

Pork buyer Randal explains how our bacon is cured with naturally occurring salts (not synthetic sodium nitrates/nitrites). Learn how all bacon is not the same!

Unique Local Products


Putumayo’s New “Beat”

African Beat and Latin Beat highlight the exciting blends of world music with electronica, R&B and more. Tell us about your favorite collaborative music for a chance to win a 4-CD set.

Recipes! Cowgirl Creamery Organic Mt. Tam

During September, we’ll be featuring Cowgirl Creamery Organic Mt. Tam in our stores. Try this luscious triple-cream cheese in these recipes.

Whole Body and Vitamin Angels

Susan Oelker

Lunch Box Finger Foods

Make lunches easy to eat with these ideas for no-fork, no-spoon, no-cooking–required finger foods — perfect for kids and adults alike.

KINDness: Pass it On This Tuesday!

Complete the KIND Mission on Tuesday, September 6th and your one small act of kindness will make a BIG difference to Whole Kids Foundation®.

Delicious This Week: Organic Yellow Peaches

What makes organic yellow peaches extra awesome? They’re bursting with flavor! Check out these tasty recipes and then stop by for a sample.

Try Something New: September

Broaden your shopping list with this sneak peek at the latest and greatest hitting our shelves, then rate them and let others know what you think.

Help School Gardens Flourish

Help us fund school gardens. Every seed planted sprouts a new opportunity for kids to cultivate healthy eating habits. Donate now!

A Harvest of Organic Values

Celebrate the flavor and value of Organic Harvest Month with the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide and see if you can pass the organics quiz.

Behind the Rind Starring Organic Mt. Tam

Cowgirl Creamery Organic Mt. Tam cheese is buttery, earthy, creamy and dreamy. Stop by for a taste!