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Sharing Our Favorite Holiday Helpers

Ready, set, go! The race is on as we head into the crazy, busy, exciting, fun (and did-we-say-crazy?) holiday season. Which is why we’re sharing our best tips, recipes, entertaining help and video how-to’s on our convenient holiday web pages. We also have blog posts planned throughout the season to help make it all fall into place a bit easier. Kind of like Rudolph, we’re here to light the way. Here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

Pumpkin Seeds

In addition to being a fun snack, pumpkin seeds add flavor to a variety of dishes, from salads and soups to sauces and desserts. Get pumpkin seed recipes and learn how to roast your own.

Our 10 Favorite Ways to Cook Potatoes

Think of all the possibilities that potatoes have to offer this holiday season. Try cooking them in new ways with some of our potato recipes picks.

Shop Online for Delicious Deliveries

Order a Whole Foods Market gift box or gift card online and give the gift of delicious this holiday season!

Holiday Meals for All — Special Diets Too

Nothing can disappoint a host(ess) like finding out one of their guests can't eat the fabulous food they've prepared. We've pulled together our best tips for planning holiday meals with special dietary needs in mind.

Seasonal Wellness Shopping List

It’s the time of year that we need to take extra good care of our bodies and specifically the immune system. Join us in exploring herbs and nutrients available at Whole Foods Market that may offer support. Malia Curran, MS, MPH is a nutrition consultant, speaker, and mom of two young children.

Let Us Stock Your Thanksgiving Pantry

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the five lucky winners: Ellen from Hillsborough, NC; Erica from Santa Fe, NM; Erin from Clearwater, FL; Sarah from Tulsa, OK and Stephanie from San Jose, CA. Happy Thanksgiving!

Gluten-Free Outdoor Bars

Say “take a hike” to gluten and make your own snack bars just the way you like them. This recipe lets you easily substitute to your taste.

A Bird for Every Budget

Choosing a turkey used to be pretty simple but with all of the choices, it can be pretty daunting. Here’s some advice to help you choose the right turkey for your table.

Stahlbush Island Farms

See how Bill and Karla Chambers have raised crops of fruits, vegetables, grains and children (four of them!) on their Oregon farm. Learn about the innovative farming methods behind their products, from ground to bag.

Support Microlending with Calendar Purchase

Perfect for home, office or gifting, the Whole Planet Foundation calendar costs only $3 and 100% of sales goes to fund microcredit. All thanks to our vendor partners, who also give you over $20 in coupons.

Learn to Cook: Beef Pot Roast

Much easier to prepare than you might think, pot roast makes a fabulous one-dish dinner…and even better leftovers.

Pumpkin Carving and The Annual Fall Harvest Scramble

Master pumpkin carver James Parker shares the ups and downs of this year’s pumpkin harvest and his plan for carving 100 jack-o-lanterns for Halloween night. These pictures are sure to inspire!

Celebrating Salad Bars in New Haven Schools

Since joining Whole Foods Market in 2001, Nona Evans has held various positions including Private Label Brand Development and Sr. Global Marketing Coordinator. Following her passion for children's education and health, Evans joined Whole Kids Foundation®as Executive Director in May 2011. She is excited to shape this new effort to empower schools and inspire families to make good food choices for life.

Beets Just Can't be Beat

With their sweet, earthy flavor, beets are delicious steamed, roasted, boiled, pickled and raw. Salads, soups, sides and more — we’re highlighting a bevy of beet recipes.

Insider's Tour of French Cheese Culture

Explore a bit of Europe and meet a few of our local partners through the eyes of Jodi Bart, the winner of our Foodie Fantasy Food Blogger Video Contest.

Celebrate Squash

Steamed, baked, roasted, stuffed, mashed, boiled, simmered…what can’t be done with hearty winter squash? Find cooking ideas for acorn, butternut, delicata, turban and more.

M. Chapoutier Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Explore a bit of Europe and meet a few of our local partners through the eyes of Jodi Bart, the winner of our Foodie Fantasy Food Blogger Video Contest.

Next Up: Standards for Farmed Oysters, Clams and Mussels


Frosted Spiced Cupcakes

Watch how easy it is to make these moist, delicious cupcakes that are gluten free, egg free and dairy free so everyone at the party can enjoy!

Brad's Raw Chips


Try Pheasant This Fall

Family-owned MacFarlane Pheasants has been a leader in pheasant production in 1929. Introduce a new tradition to your holiday table with pheasant this fall.

Recipe Photo Contest: Cookie Close-Up

Update: Congratulations to our recipe photo contest winner, Janet Foster!

Homeopathy for Cold and Flu Season

Homeopathic remedies have a long history of use worldwide, but can they really help at this time of year? And are they okay to use with immune-supportive formulas? Tune in to this encore interview for the answers and some expert recommendations. Dr. Christophe Merville is the Director of Education and Pharmacy Development for Boiron USA.

Turn Your Kitchen into a Beauty Cabinet

Ran out of shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant? Here are 10 ways to use items from your kitchen to help get out the door looking and smelling your best.

A Plethora of Pumpkin Dishes

Autumn provides a slew of pumpkins, perfect for eating as well as decorating. From pies and puddings to soups and side dishes, try a few of these pumpkin family favorites.

What You Won't Find in our Cleaning Products

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning supplies.

Gaia Herbs

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Gaia Herb Farm is one of the largest organic medicinal herb farms in the United States. Watch their story.

Gluten-free Banana Bread

Trying to find a healthy dessert for her toddler, team member and first-time Mom Christine bakes gluten-free banana bread.

Watch 9.3: Wind Power

Available wind power far exceeds the world’s current energy use. A Boston inventor’s accelerator increases the potential for wind energy and its use in urban environments.

The Delicious Story of Icelandic Lamb

In Iceland, lambs are free to roam as they please on the wild, untamed mountainsides. Learn more about what makes them unique —available only in our stores and only in October and November.

Growing a Healthy Generation

Preserving Fall's Bounty

Waste not, want not with these ten simple tips for preserving fall’s harvest from The Whole Deal value guide.

The Colors and Fruits of Autumn

The days getting shorter and cooler triggers a color change in many fall trees and row crops — the final stage most growers wait for prior to harvesting their crop. Persimmons and pomegranates herald the fall harvest season.

Attack of the Candy Creatures

These Halloween treats are your secret weapon to fend off sugar-crazed kids without falling victim to the really scary stuff — hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives and colors.

Widen Your World With White Beans

From authentic French cassoulets to classic baked beans and chili blanco, white beans are popular in many cuisines. Add some of these white bean recipes to your fall menu.

Fig Food Co.

From seasoning to choosing ingredients, Joel Henry, founder and owner of Fig Food Co., has a passion for what goes in his soup. Answer a question about his soup philosophy for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Beeline Honey by Sweet Beginnings

Just as bees play a vital role in ecosystems, Sweet Beginnings plays a vital role in the community, providing skills for people with barriers to employment. Watch their story.

Putumayo’s Acoustic Café

Enjoy this latest release, filled with the stylings of contemporary singer-songwriters. Learn about the artists and how you could win an 8-CD set from Putumayo.

Throw a Party for Food Day

October 24th is a national day of awareness for healthy eating and affordable, accessible food. We’ve joined with Epicurious to help you plan a Food Day event.

9.3: Food

Despite the availability of food, millions of people are hungry. Innovators in Arizona and Hawaii are working to cultivate crops in isolated areas and harsh climates.

Flavorful Italian Salami Made in the US

Olliviero Colmignoli, moved from Italy to Virginia with the intention of producing high quality, authentic prosciutto and Salumi products right here in the states. You can taste his success!

$5 Million in Loans to Local Producers

To celebrate the $5 million mark, we’re giving away a basket filled with culinary treasures from several of our loan recipients! Comment about your favorite local product for a chance to win.

Not Your Mother’s Lipstick

Our Premium Body Care standards require lipsticks be made without harmful chemicals like artificial colors and fragrances or parabens. Let your lips shine naturally.

Guayakí Yerba Mate Helps the Ache Tribe

Guayakí is a finalist to win BBC World Challenge’s $20,000 donation for food security for Paraguay’s indigenous Ache tribe. Watch the video and vote to help them win!

Try Something New: October

Broaden your shopping list with this sneak peek at the latest and greatest hitting our shelves, then rate them and let others know what you think.

Smile for the Camembert Photo Contest

Help us celebrate the American Cheese Society top picks for 2011 by snapping a photo of your favorite pairing with one of the winning cheeses. You might just become a winner yourself — of a Whole Foods Market gift card and all 10 cheeses.

Don’t Get Caught Short on Shrimp

Poached, grilled, sautéed or broiled, we love shrimp in just about any dish. Learn about what sets our shrimp apart and try some scrumptious shrimp recipes.

Understanding the Immune System for Winter Wellness

Ever wonder what your immune system is actually made of? Learn how the body responds to foreign invaders and what you can do both internally and externally to support winter wellness in this revealing encore presentation. Nancy Angelini is National Science Educator for Source Naturals and Planetary Herbals, with more than 15 years (and 1500 lectures!) in the natural products industry.