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The Flavors of Spain

Here are 10 of our favorite Spanish-inspired dishes that are the perfect match for your next glass of Spanish wine.

Cooking with Tea

Tea isn’t just for drinking! Learn how to add subtle aromas and delicate flavors to a variety of dishes with your favorite tea.

Top This: A Burger Contest

Share your best-dressed burger in the comments below and you could win a $50 Whole Foods Market® gift card.

Homemade Remedies For Pet Care

Here are a few everyday products that pull double duty around the house and your pet.

Putumayo's Latest: African Blues

Powerful African voices and rhythms demonstrate the deep connection of the blues to its African roots in this latest CD from Putumayo. Learn more.

A Mix-and-Match Cinco de Mayo Menu

Even if you can’t claim any Mexican heritage, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect warm-up to the start of the grilling and patio-party season.

Equal Exchange

Love coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, bananas, olive oil and almonds? Learn how Equal Exchange sources these products in a way that guarantees fair prices for farmers.

Edward Norton Introduces The Apple Pushers

Hurry! You have until April 30th to watch The Apple Pushers; the documentary that kicked off our Do Something Reel™ Film Festival. The Apple Pushers tells the stories of five immigrant streetcart vendors who each have one dream: to find success in America. To realize that dream, each has chosen to be a part of a unique urban experiment to roll fresh fruits and vegetables into New York City's food deserts.

It’s narrated by Academy Award nominee Edward Norton.


Herbs for Spring Sinuses

Discover which herbs can be safer alternatives for sinus health, eyes and noses, while providing support in the short and long term.

Perfect Pineapple Dishes

From a morning fruit smoothie to a grilled after dinner dessert, here are 12 of our favorite ways to enjoy pineapples.

Symbols of Spring: Sweet Peas and Artichokes

Spring has lots of wonderful garden surprises. Among them is the brief but fragrant (and colorful) appearance of sweet peas.

The plant in my yard has seen robust growth starting late last year thanks to the mild winter. The first few buds are just starting to emerge, and this marks the start of several exciting changes in my springtime diet.

It’s about the time artichokes and shelling peas start showing up regularly at my local store and farmer’s market.


Spice It Up With Jalapeños

Chili peppers are culinary favorites the world over and if you’re a heat novice, jalapeños are a great place to start. Spice up your menu with these favorite ways to cook with jalapeños.

No More Red-Rated Wild Seafood in Our Stores

Today’s a big day for us.


Celebrating Earth Day with the Do Something Reel™ Film Festival

Today we're launching the Do Something Reel™ Film Festival, an online collection of provocative, character-driven films that focus on food, environmental issues and everyday people with a vision of making a world of difference.

5 Money-Saving Tips for Avoiding Spring Spoilage

Avoid spring spoilage and reap the season’s the spoils with these money-saving tips from the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide.

Small Steps Add Up: Recycling with Cork Reharvest

Whole Foods Market partners with Cork ReHarvest to make it easy to properly dispose of natural cork at most of our stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Niman East Pork Program: Helping Farmers Keep Farming


You Helped Raise $5.5 Million to Alleviate Poverty

Smiling Hara Tempeh


How to Pick a Perfect Pineapple

Our Whole Trade® Guarantee ensures that farms pay equitable wages and provide better working conditions — and that you enjoy the best-quality tropical treat, delivered at peak ripeness.

Go Green at the Seafood Counter and Win

Learn how responsibly managed fisheries help ensure a good supply of seafood going forward. Your support could win you $50 for your next seafood supper.

Give Peas a Chance

Adding peas to your menu can add flavor, boost good nutrition and save you time when you need something quick. Try these ideas for recipes with peas.

Viva Las Tapas!

While tapas used to refer to a variety of little snacks like olives, almonds and cubes of sheep's milk ¬cheese, it has since evolved to include a wide range of small dishes of hot, cold and marinated foods.

Grilled Cheese Please!

Lindsay Robison is on the global public relations team and manages the @wholefoodsPR Twitter handle. A foodie at heart, in her free time she loves to cook, eat, read food magazines and write in her food blog, Apron Adventures.

Sound Solutions to Red-Rated Seafood

Choose wild-caught seafood that is relatively abundant and caught in environmentally friendly ways, and you’ll get delicious fish and will help ensure fish for future generations.

GreenShield Organic

GreenShield Organic, created by a dad on a mission, was the first brand of laundry, dish and hard surface cleaners to receive an organic certification from the USDA. Learn more about GreenShield here.

Small Steps Add Up: Gimme 5 Recycling

But what do you do with all of those containers from yogurt, cream cheese, hummus, take-out and other plastic food storage with the #5 on the bottom? Not many recycling programs take them, but we do!

Ravenous for Blackberries

Do Something Reel™ Online

This month we're excited to kick off the online Do Something Reel Film Festival, a collection of provocative, character-driven films that focus on food, environmental issues and everyday people with a vision of making a world of difference.

Lotsa Matzo

If you’ve bought too much matzo for Seder and don’t know what
 to do with the rest, no fear — there are matzo surplus solutions.

What's New in the Grocery Aisles: April

Our grocery team works hard to bring great-tasting natural and organic products to our stores that meet our shoppers’ needs.

Make Magic with Mint

Mint grows like crazy in the sunshine, making it perfect for cooling beverages, summer desserts, vegetable salads and lots more. Perk up your menu with mint.

Allergy Relief with Homeopathy

Excited for spring but looking for effective solutions to manage seasonal allergies? Listen in to learn the benefits of homeopathy and how to choose remedies for quick relief.

Seafood Swap-Out

Since some of her favorites were on the list of red-rated seafood, this recipe developer took on the challenge of recreating some of her favorite seafood suppers with different species.

Kids Take On the Healthy Entrée Challenge

Seven Tips for a Successful Early Summer Garden

Curry for Kids

Learn how team member and first-time Mom Christine finds a curry recipe that is enjoyed by both her toddler and hubby.

Facial Cleanser Face-Off

It’s now possible to get a daily facial cleanser that works as well as a major national brand, but with better components and a better price.

The Best Ham for Your Easter Table


Unforgettable Easter and Seder Meals

To help you create a holiday menu not to be forgotten, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite recipes.

Win a Year's Supply of Greener Cleaners

From using reusable shopping bags, water bottles and coffee mugs when you’re on-the-go to recycling, composting and using cleaners with eco-conscious ingredients when you’re at home, your green opportunities are endless.

Eating the Easter Eggs

If you love the Easter egg hunt but aren’t sure what to do with all those leftover eggs, I’ve got some great ideas and egg salad is only the beginning.

Chef Michel Nischan's Recipe for Fish in a Flash

It’s time for you too to reap the health benefits of fish, the budget benefits of cooking at home – not to mention the applause from those around your table.