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Enjoying (Cooking) Dinner at Home

Before my son was born, “date night” with my husband sometimes consisted of pouring a glass of wine, turning on some music and spending a leisurely evening cooking up a complicated meal that was exquisitely delicious. Over dinner we’d guesstimate how much such a divine dinner would cost if we ate it at a restaurant and we'd congratulate ourselves on our cooking talents and our savings savvy.


Great Bagels from Kenny and Zuke's


Earth Balance Almond Butter


How to Make an End-of-Summer Shandy

Known in the online beverage community as The Beer Wench, Ashley Routson is a beer evangelist on a mission to advance craft beer through education, inspiration and advocacy. An expert in beer mixology and food and brew pairings, she blogs at DrinkWithTheWench.com, BeerMixology.com, IPADay.org and is a regular contributor to CraftBeer.com.

After-School Cookies

Six Ways to Make Condiments Count



Kids and Probiotics


Attacking Snack Time with Nutrition

Summer's Last Hurrah


Shake Up Your Lunchtime Salad Routine



Supplier Stories: Harmless Harvest



Shopping With Food Allergies 101



Green Bean Recipe Ideas

Fee-fi-fo-fum! Remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the English folktale about a boy who goes to market to sell his cow and ends up with magic beans that grow into a gigantic beanstalk? As a child I was fascinated by that story, only to become spellbound once my mother told me my green beans came from beanstalks. Could the green beans I was having for dinner possibly be from the same beanstalk that Jack had climbed?

Originating in Peru, green beans spread throughout South and Central America, and eventually Europe and the rest of the world. They are known by many names, including “snap beans,” “pole beans” and “string beans,” although the thin string that runs down the side of the bean is rarely found in modern varieties. Although mostly green in color, some “green beans” are yellow, red, whitish green and even streaked with color.


Inspired Lunches



Have Fun in the Sun and Get Your Vitamin D Too!


The Sweetness of Summer Stone Fruits

Does anyone else build an entire meal out of summer fruits? I find it hard not to insert fruit into every meal, especially when we’re in the height of the hot weather and need all the cooling, quenching refreshment we can get!

Stone fruits like peaches, nectarines and plums (and yes, even cherries!) may seem too fussy for summer snacking due to the large pits, but every juicy bite is worth it!

If you’re doing more than just snacking with stone fruits, look for freestone varieties, which have easily-removed pits.

What To Do With Summer's Produce Surplus

Keeping up with the summer garden is chore enough, and dealing with a surplus can be vexing — and inspiring. Here’s what to do with too much of a good thing.

No Boring Chicken Recipes Allowed

A Week of Meals Fresh from the Field

Summer may be winding down, but you can still serve the last of the season’s superstars at your table without worrying about making ends meet. The Whole Deal value guide has a week full of savvy meal solutions for summer’s last hurrahs or for any day. Here’s the plan:

MONDAY: Veggie Monday
Grilled veggie kabobs with peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplant wrapped in a pita with hummus will bring your family to the table. The promise of 365 Everyday Value® Organic Vanilla Wafers and yogurt for dessert will keep them glued to their seats until the final course.

TUESDAY: Grass-Fed Greatness
Easy and flavorful Grass-Fed Beef and Couscous Lettuce Wraps with Mint are…well, great and we think your family will agree. Pour smooth, sweet Thirst Tamer tea for the kids and Bubo Zinfandel for the grown-ups. Then delight your table with fresh peaches.

Late July Organic Snacks

At Whole Foods Market®, we love sharing good food and drink. Whether it’s a peak-of-the-season berry, a team member creation from our bakery, sausages made in house or a new grocery discovery, we love celebrating great flavors and products. But we don’t just want to tell you about it; we want you to enjoy it too. So, we’re doing a series of summer giveaways through mid-August. Read on to find out how to enter to win.

It might be mid-August, but it’s still time for Late July! Late July Organic Snacks is on a mission to educate people about organics through their taste buds. As a family owned and operated company, they care deeply about the integrity of their products – which all proudly wear the USDA organic seal! This means they meet USDA National Organic Standards requiring that the crops are grown without the use of persistent pesticides. Those standards also don't allow irradiation, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) and synthetic preservatives.


Not-Nut Butters for Back to School

Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and soy nuts work great as alternatives to nut butters. Learn how to make your own seed butter.

Our Team Members Rock! Listen, Vote and Win

I’ve been a music fan for as long as I can remember. It probably started when I bought The Four Tops Greatest Hits at age 8. Growing up playing the piano and violin made me appreciate the skill and talent of musicians even more.

Fast forward to today. Living in Austin – the “Live Music Capital of the World”– is perfect for me. In fact, you’ll find me at a show any day of the week.  It’s through these local shows that I have realized how many friends, family and coworkers are involved in music — and most outside of their regular “day jobs.”

So imagine how thrilled I was to find out that Whole Foods Market® is giving their talented team members an opportunity to let their music be heard. Out of hundreds of submissions, a panel of peers selected ten finalists in Raw and Unprocessed, Whole Foods Market’s Team Member Music Project.

Now it’s your turn. Your votes will decide the winner and take a team member from aisle 3 to superstardom! The winning band or musician will open for a VHI You Oughta Know artist in Napa Valley, California at Live in the Vineyard in November. You and a friend could be there, too!


Putumayo's Latest: Arabic Beat

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite Arabic musician for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo's Arabic Beat and Arabic Groove. Congratulations to Andrea Wolf who was our randomly chosen winner!

Read on for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo’s Arabic-themed titles, available in most Whole Foods Market Stores. Dan Storper is the CEO and founder of Putumayo World Music.

Have you ever wandered the open-air markets in a North African or Middle Eastern city? The music that seems to radiate from the stores and stalls is infectious and prompts a search for the same music to enjoy in your own home.

Memories of a trip abroad can now live on with Putumayo’s newest release, Arabic Beat, a collection that chronicles the musical creativity of Arabic musicians today. The album revels in artists rarely heard in the West: the unsung stars and hit- makers who shape the region’s music.

Inspired by music from across the globe but true to Arabic music’s deep roots, the sounds of raï’s rolling funk and the shimmering pulse of raqs sharki (“belly dance” music) tell the story of a thriving contemporary scene that stretches across the breadth of the Mediterranean.


What’s So Great about Our Tilapia? We’ll Tell You!

Is there that one thing you reach for when you need a quick-fix dinner? Of course there’s the basic boneless, skinless chicken breast and the ever-present pasta. And while these are fine choices, have you ever tried tilapia?  It’s mild, delicate flavor and cooking versatility makes it a family favorite in my house. Take a look at my previous post for some tasty tilapia recipes.


Are Your Kids Getting the Vitamins They Need?


An Opportunity to Visit an Edible Schoolyard

Appealing String Cheese

String cheese may not be the big cheese or the king of cheeses, but as nearly any kid and lots of adults will tell you, it’s earned a place in their hearts…and their lunches.

Here's What's New in August

Like all products on our shelves, these new offerings are free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, meaning you get all the good stuff you want (we checked!) and none of the junk you don’t.


The world’s first organic ready-to-drink nutrition shake was created by Andrew Abraham after a life-changing diagnosis. Learn more about the story behind Orgain.

Sandwich Secrets and a Wrap Rap

If you’re stuck in a sandwich rut try some of these combinations. In fact, they’re so delectable you might have to hide them from your coworkers. Consider them gourmet gone wild.

No Tail Docking of Our Pigs

One of the most iconic features of pigs is their curly tails. In fact, they even wag their tails when they are happy or excited. What you may not realize is there aren’t many pigs running around with tails these days.

Sadly, the majority of today’s pigs have their tails removed when they are just a few days to a few weeks old.  Farmers call this tail docking or clipping. The reason? Tail biting. Some pigs repeatedly chew and bite the tails of other pigs, which can lead to painful injuries. The reasons for this tail-biting behavior are complex and there are many contributing factors, but it’s commonly found in pigs housed indoors where stocking densities are high and the pens are barren.


Nutrition for Kids and Teens

We’ve pulled together a primer in nutrition for kids and teens making it much easier to get through the meals and milestones of childhood.

Recipes that Say Hurray for Heirloom Tomatoes!

There’s no doubt about it: tomatoes are one of the best things about summer. Once those vine-ripened beauties start appearing, my brain goes into overdrive coming up with ways to use them before the season ends. Roasted and topped on salads, sautéed with garlic and served with pasta, or sliced thick and added to sandwiches — my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


In fact, my summer tomato love has led me to “put up” 40 pounds of heirloom paste tomatoes this year.  Even if you’re not a canner, you can still enjoy juicy, flavorful summertime tomatoes in these recipes. But you better eat up because the heirloom season doesn’t last long!


Reel In a Winner for Dinner

Grilled. Baked. Broiled. Poached. There’s nearly no wrong way to prepare tilapia. Plus, our farmed tilapia is available year-round, so there’s no wrong time to prepare it either.

Yummy Useful Yogurt

From organic Greek yogurt and Icelandic skyr to kefir and cultured coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk and soymilk, the variety of yogurt offerings is as expansive as its uses.

Keen on Zucchini

The mild, delicate flavor of zucchini is makes it an ideal addition to summer salads, simple side dishes, light dinners and even yummy desserts!

Principal Pleasing Breakfasts

Here are easy tips for nutrition-packed breakfasts that get the grade.

Just Pin It!

“Pin It.” Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! If you don’t, then you should. Pinterest is only one of the most beautiful and engrossing sites on the Internet. Why’s that? Because it allows you to curate, organize and share all the gorgeous images and fabulous ideas that you find on the web. When you “pin” an image to your “pinboard,” it keeps the URL of the original website so you can go back for the details later. Like when you’re ready to tackle that great DIY project you pinned.


Summer Recipes: No Cooking Required

Five Days of Kid-Friendly Lunches

I’m a mom who definitely does NOT have it all figured out. I am learning as I go and once I think I’ve got a handle on something, the game changes. What’s up with that?!? That’s why I love tip swapping. I’ll take all the ideas I can get and I’ll happily share what’s worked (sometimes) for me. I hope I’m not jinxing myself, but the lunch routine I established to feed my picky’ish preschooler is still running pretty smoothly after a year.

Best Summer Salads

When the heat is on, the last thing I want to do is cook up a big, heavy meal. Salads to the rescue! Not only are they full of crisp, refreshing ingredients, they’re a snap to put together. Veggies, grains, beans and fruits are all key components of a perfect salad. If you want to step outside the traditional salad bowl, try a few of these.


Happy Birthday Whole Kids Foundation, Thanks to You!

We can’t believe it’s already been a year since starting Whole Kids Foundation®! But we’ve received lots of heart-warming, awe-inspiring letters, photos and drawings from schools and children celebrating their school salad bars and gardens, so that proves it.

College Shopping Essentials + a Project Green Dorm Challenge


GROW: Do Something Reel™ Film Festival

The Do Something Reel™ Film Festival continues this month with GROW!, a documentary that captures the energy and independence of a fresh crop of young farmers.