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Six Ways to a Healthier Lunch

If you are the parent of kids or just a big kid yourself, the idea of eating healthy on the go can seem a bit overwhelming.

Likely you are already beginning to establish a regular routine since the summer break; but just in case the back-to-school and off-to-soccer-practice flutter still has you spinning, I’m here to provide you with some tips to help you reclaim that lunch-packing confidence. 

Beans for Every Meal

Winnie Hsia is a founder, instructor, and performer with Sky Candy, Austin’s first and most diverse aerial and circus arts school. You may remember her as Whole Foods Market®’s first Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager. She still loves making meals at home from scratch and entertaining friends and family.


A Vegan Oktoberfest with the Beer Wench

Fun Fall Foods to Make with Kids

Our Cheesemongers are Certifiably Awesome


Kitchen Basics: Bread Crumbs

Susan writes the blog Cardamom Kitchen to share her culinary experiences as an Indian-American rooted in the Midwest. Luckily she's also sharing her experiences with Whole Story readers by demystifing essential cooking skills with step-by-step instructions and her own handsome photos. First up, how to make fresh and dry bread crumbs.


Gorgeous Fall Greens

I want to talk about fall color. Not the typical autumn hues of fiery red, rich gold and deep umber but one color not normally associated with fall: green. In particular, the green you see in the produce section this time of year.

Favorite Fall Flavor Pairs

7 Tips That Combine Convenience and Value

This month’s Whole Deal value guide offers great money saving solutions for combining convenience and value for affordable and stress-free meals for the whole family.

Body Care Products to be Proud Of


Singing the Praises of Rogue River Blue


Cooking with Beer for Oktoberfest

Replace some or all of the liquid in your recipes with your favorite brew. Try these creative ways to celebrate Oktoberfest in your kitchen.

Teens, Are You Up for a Green Challenge?

Why Your Chocolate Choices Matter



Arrowhead Mills

Arrowhead Mills offers over 100 different products from baking mixes to hot cereals and nut butters. Find out how this household-name company has stayed true to its roots.

Celebrate the Wurst Oktoberfest Ever

At Oktoberfest in Munich, they generally serve more than ten million pints of beer and close to a million sausages. Of course, they have a reputation to uphold as the birthplace of Oktoberfest back in 1810, celebrating the wedding of Crown Prince Luitpold I and Princess Theressa of Bavaria. It strikes me a little odd that we are still celebrating that union today. But, of course, it may be that we are really celebrating the perfect union of wurst (sausage) and brew (beer) instead!


10 One-Pot Wonders

The official start of fall is just days away, but I’ve been in a fall-cooking mindset since Labor Day. For me that doesn’t just mean cool-weather produce like apples, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts – it means hearty meals that don’t require a lot of post-dinner cleanup. As we creep toward winter, I know I’d rather spend extra time soaking up the remaining sun than doing a mountain of dishes!

That’s why I turn to one-pot meals like spicy chili, simmered soups and fast frittatas to get dinner on the table.


Taste our American Artisan Cheeses



We've Crowned our Best Butcher


Learn to Cook: Mac and Cheese (with Mix Ins!)

We’ve got great recipes for mac and cheese online, but when it came to one super simple method for making everybody's favorite comfort food this recipe elbowed its way to the top.

An Appetite for Applesauce

Whether you buy ready-made or try one of our simple from-scratch recipes, applesauce is perfect for escalating your standard breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert fare.

Kiss the Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a busy home cook’s BFF; although time may be scarce, plentiful meals don’t have to be.

Fruit and Vegetable Scones for the Family

Who says healthy snacks can’t be fun? Learn how team member and mom Christine treats her family to fruit and vegetable scones shaped as boats.

The Basics of Broth

Soup and stews and stuffings…oh my! Although soups, stews and yes, stuffings are top of mind when it comes to recipes that use broth, there are several more delicious dishes that rely on its rich flavor too.

Hearty, Healthy Recipes for Autumn's Harvest

Sure Deals on Organics and Seasonal Favorites

Here are 18 sure deals to take you around the clock and the house saving you money without compromising your values.

Glorious Grape Recipes

Is there anything more refreshing than the juicy sweetness that bursts when eating a cold grape? I know I’m not the only one who tries to keep grapes cold for ultimate enjoyment, even making sure to put them next to a cooler pack in my lunch bag. My son has gotten on the grapey train too, gobbling them up by the bowlful after a long afternoon playing outside.

Happy Anniversary Humboldt Fog

Head north out of San Francisco and keep driving through the beautiful country of northern California. Your mind begins to relax as you ease your way through the rolling hills. The countryside begins to change to breathtakingly tall Redwood trees. The climate drops noticeably as mist and moss become a part of every view. The bustling towns and cities are nowhere to be found and the occasional roadside stops for fresh mushrooms or cold beer mark the miles. The drive provides a change of scene as you weave along the Eel River and a change of feeling begins internally.


Easy to Assemble Meals

On busy weeknights, healthy food choices can be tossed out the window in favor of junk foods. Learn how a little creative planning can help you get good food on the table in a flash.

Get the Dirt on Composting at Home

If you’ve ever tried your hand at gardening, even of the container variety, chances are you’ve heard at least a little about the importance of compost. That’s for good reason: healthy compost mixed with soil will give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive.


Celebrate National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

Marygrace Taylor is an Associate Editor for KIWI magazine. Growing up, her favorite school lunch was mac and cheese.   

Get Your Casserole On

Whether you’re single, cooking for your family or feeding a crowd, casseroles are a delicious and quick way to get dinner on the table.

Lotus Foods

From their first taste of a black rice called hei mei during a trip to China, Caryl Levine and Ken Lee knew they wanted to import rice varieties from around the world. Learn more about Lotus Foods.

Cooking with Whole Grains

The thought of cooking grains can seem overwhelming. The truth? With a few tips and tricks, it’s easier than you think.

Organic Meat: What Does Organic Really Mean?

While organic produce, and even organic dairy, often gets the glory, I thought it would be good to talk about what makes organic meat and poultry organic.

Here's What's New in September

Every month, we are pleased to add many new products to our shelves that have passed the testing and tasting and met our strict Quality Standards. (That means they’re free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors - wahoo!)

Game-Day Recipes that Score

Don’t get me wrong – I love taking in a game at the ballpark in the heat of summer, but when September rolls around I am more than ready to trade innings and home runs for quarters and touchdowns. Maybe it’s my Wisconsin roots and home team pride, or maybe it’s the opportunity to provide a delectable array of treats to nosh on week after week.

Of course, I don’t want to spend lots of time in the kitchen instead of watching the game. That’s why I rely on no-nonsense recipes to help me score big.


Lunch Line: Do Something Reel™ Film Festival

The Do Something Reel™ Film Festival continues this month with Lunch Line, which takes a new look at the National School Lunch Program by exploring its past, current challenges and opportunities for the future.

Lovin’ Mayonnaise (Or Not)