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10 Recipes for Your Hanukkah Table

From the traditional latke to tender brisket, the comforting flavors of Hanukkah are an important part of the season. Whether you’re setting your table for a large gathering or just a small meal, here are our suggestions for a delicious Hanukkah.

Everybody Wins in this Citrus Showdown

We’ve got a battle of epic flavor featuring two of our favorite seasonal superstars – Satsuma v Clementine – and we need your help to pick the season’s champion.

Not-So-Humble Mashed Potatoes

Hanukkah Main-Dish Meats

If you’re looking for a Hanukkah feast, Whole Foods Market® has your meat needs covered. 



Sure Deals for Surviving the Season

Dashing through the snow in search of the best deals? Hoping to be the host with the most? Here are 17 Sure Deals to take you through the holiday season saving you money without compromising your values.

Fill Them Up: Easy Gifts in Jars

Think outside of the box when it comes to gifts. Instead, fill jars to the brim with homemade delights or the ingredients for a favorite recipe.

Simply stock up on glass jars (make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize them) and set aside an afternoon to assemble several gifts at once.

They’re so pretty you don’t even have to wrap them. Just seal the jars, add a scrap of festive fabric on top, if you want, then secure with string or ribbon and add a gift tag. Most of our “gifts from the kitchen” recipes include a printable gift tag.


Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal

Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal is a delicious, nutrient-dense breakfast staple that you’ll love.

Peak Season Fennel

Crunchy and slightly sweet, fennel’s licorice flavor is perfectly suited to many winter dishes. Try our favorite fennel recipes.

How to Keep Your Fresh Christmas Tree Green

The Christmas Tree brings the spirit of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men” into our homes for the holiday.

Look Fabulous for Holiday Festivities

You’ll sparkle in the midst of holiday stress with these simple do-ahead steps.

Tasty Gifts for Under $20

Here is a roundup of gifts under $20 for chowhounds, foodies, food freaks, gourmands or simply, anyone who likes good food.

Lucy's Cookies

Cookies can be one of life’s simplest pleasures—unless you’re a kid with food allergies. Lucy Gibney’s son was diagnosed with severe food allergies, so she began Lucy’s Cookies, made without milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts.

Green Beans with Pecans and Clementine Dressing

No holiday table is complete without green beans. This simple, delicious and healthy recipe features classic flavors of the season (and won't take up any valuable space in the oven).

How to Brine a Turkey

A generous sprinkle of salt and pepper and a brush of butter are delicious and may be all you desire on your turkey. Many of us like to take it a step further to ensure a memorable flavor. Brining is an easy way to do just that. .



Enjoy the Holidays: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

Simple strategies to help make the holidays a little bit healthier, a little less hectic and a lot more enjoyable.

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Heading over the river and through the woods for the holidays? Try our favorite healthy snack ideas to keep you fueled up on your road trip.

Sweet Endings with Thanksgiving Pies

Have your chosen your Thanksgiving pie lineup yet? In my estimation, you should have at least a pie per person. Well, maybe that’s going a bit overboard. But when you have so many glorious flavors — from pumpkin and pecan to apple and buttermilk (my family always has cherry) — why pick just one?

Getting Started: The Crust

Pie crust can be daunting even for otherwise experienced bakers. Check out our video tutorial, then get the recipe for Classic Pie Crust:

Kitchen Basics: Whipped Cream

Susan writes the blog Cardamom Kitchen to share her culinary experiences as an Indian-American rooted in the Midwest. Luckily she's also sharing her experiences with Whole Story readers by demystifing essential cooking skills with step-by-step instructions and her own handsome photos.


Dish Up Something Delicious with Thanksgiving Leftovers

When it comes to Thanksgiving, my family’s creed is “The more the merrier!” We’re not just talking about guests here – we mean the food! Turkey Day leftovers, from a classic turkey sandwich to mashed potato fritters, are a big part of our holiday enjoyment.

Do you love reliving the Thanksgiving meal just as much as we do? Or are you dreading the stacks of reusable containers filling your fridge on Thursday night? Either way, there are plenty of ways to enjoy those leftovers without making your plate look like another pass at the buffet table.


Happy Days Are Here Again With Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is the Richie Cunningham of wine. It’s fun-loving, social, complementary – a true family and friends kind of wine. Yup, this is a wine you can proudly bring home to Mom.

12 Side Dishes to Steal the Show

The turkey might get all the attention for Thanksgiving, but I’d much rather fill my plate with a variety of amazing sides. After all, isn’t part of the point of a Thanksgiving banquet to taste as many dishes as possible, from Grandma Ruth’s cherished sweet potatoes to your foodie cousin’s new twist on stuffing?

If you’re looking for some stunning sides to round out your holiday table, we’ve got lots of options. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Kitchen Basics: Whipped Egg Whites

Susan Pachikara of Cardamom Kitchen demystifies essential cooking skills with step-by-step instructions and her own handsome photos.


Tasty Cheats for the Harried Host

With a toddler, a newborn and a to-do list as long as Santa’s elf assembly line, shortcuts go a long way with me during the holidays. I’m especially looking to cut down my work in the kitchen without sacrificing quality or adding unnecessary costs

A Bounty of Brussels Sprouts

It’s peak season for Brussels sprouts. Make sure you don’t overcook them! Try some of our favorite recipes featuring Brussels sprouts.

Think PlantStrong™ for Thanksgiving

Traditional holiday cooking calls for many ingredients that don’t mesh with a PlantStrong™ diet. Read and share tips for enjoying the holidays with plant-based substitutions.

Holiday Flowers with Evergreen Power

Fresh, vibrant blooms on a holiday table cover a multitude of hosting sins from children’s toys sprawled out at guests’ feet to the slightly burned sliced almonds in the salad. Flowers make everything better – especially flowers with the Whole Trade® Guarantee.

Celebrating Even the Smallest of Harvests


(Not) Mom’s Apple Pie

Unbaked apple pies are easy to master and a great conversation piece. They’re a fresh take on a traditional pie and are a delicious way to end any feast.

Simple Tips for Traveling with Kids

A Vegan Thanksgiving Everyone Will Love

T-minus 10 days til Thanksgiving and still wondering how to break it to your family that you’re not going to be serving turkey? Never fear, we have just the plan for creating a plant-powerful meal that’ll wow even the most diehard carnivores in your clan.

First, serve a show-stopping main course. Try these ideas that’ll harmonize nicely with classic holiday sides:


Imagine Organic Broths

Want to win a case of Imagine Organic Broth? Tell us about your favorite use for chicken broth in the comments on this blog post and we’ll pick one lucky random winner!

The Great Cranberry Crave

Fresh, frozen or dried, cranberries are one of our season favorites. Try them in these recipes for quick breads, desserts, stuffings, salads and more.

Butternut Squash and Holiday Ale Chili


Roots on the Table

Holiday Help for Healthy Hair

It’s a seasonal paradox: the days are getting shorter, but our calendars are getting fuller. Between travel time, party time and cooking time, it’s tough to find to take care of yourself.

Just when you want to look fabulous, your hair may wind up frizzy, frazzled or flat. In a pinch, you may seek shortcuts and use products laden with sulfates or other harsh chemicals. Since what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body, we’ve got tips to help you pass up questionable hair care ingredients (just like you pass up Aunt Trudy’s mystery casserole).


Creamy Sesame Greens

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays don’t have to send your eating habits haywire – check out our tips for staying health-focused this holiday season.

Twelve Healthier Seasonal Favorites

Lighten up! These healthier dishes make welcome additions to your feast and help to balance out some of the richer flavors of the season.

Field Roast

Get the story behind Field Roast and how they blend European charcuterie and Chinese Mien Ching traditions to produce grain-based vegetarian proteins. They’ve created flavors and textures so convincing, even die-hard meat lovers often think they’re eating the real thing.

"Eating Great for Less" Blogger Challenge Part Deux


Food Allergies? Stay-Safe Tips for Holiday Eating

Do you or your kids suffer from food allergies? During the holiday season, it can be extra difficult to figure out what’s safe to eat and what’s not. Get tips and strategies for enjoying the season without the stress.

What's New in November

Why should one meal get all our attention? With new products hitting our shelves, you can easily make all the other meals of the month (and clean up too!) worth celebrating.

Entertaining Guests with Special Dietary Needs


Food Stamped: Do Something Reel Film Festival

The Do Something Reel™ Film Festival continues this month with Food Stamped, an educational and humorous documentary following a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget.

Foolproof Gravy

We’ve got a wide variety of gravy recipes on our website, but if you’re making gravy for the first time or just need a basic recipe, this recipe has got your back.

5 Thanksgiving Menus: Traditional to Vegetarian

Why I'm Voting for Prop 37

I've been in the grocery business for more than 30 years. Since I opened my first store in Weaverville, California in 1977, I've talked to customers about everything from diet choices to recipes to organic gardening. Over that time I've had the opportunity to see firsthand what Whole Foods Market customers want­ is information about the food they're buying.


Potatoes Beyond French Fries

Go beyond French fries with our favorite recipes for roasting, steaming, mashing, dicing, slicing and grating the humble spud.

Whole Planet Foundation Calendars: Make a Difference and Save

The 2013 Whole Planet Foundation Calendar is in stores now with over $40 in coupons and a world of good.

Putumayo's World Yoga

Learn about the latest release from Putumayo, designed to take you through the movements of yoga, and enter for a chance to win a CD set.

Skagit Fresh Cider


Your Guide to Ensuring Turkey Success

We’ve put together cooking tips and recipes to help guide your once-a-year turkey preparations and ensure success

The Latest Gobble: Turkeys are Step-rated!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, all of our turkey producers have now been certified to Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program.

Holiday Meal Planning: Make the Most of Your Lists

Make a list, check it twice and save yourself tons of time and stress in your holiday planning.

Our Shrimp Standards