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Scoop Up Healthier Dip Options

Try our tips for making delicious dips while keeping an eye on health.

Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart

Food52’s Steakhouse-Inspired Valentine’s Day Menu

This Valentine's Day, why go through the hullabaloo of dinner at a packed, pricey steakhouse when you can make it (better) at home?

Tell Us Your Recipe for Romance

They say the way to a lover’s heart is through the stomach, and while that looks unappetizing in print, we know it’s true. Would your sweetheart be by your side if you’d plunked down a frozen burrito on your first let’s-do-dinner-at-my-place? Didn't think so.

Serving Up Bell Peppers

Packed with nutrition as well as great taste, bell peppers add color, crunch and crazy flavor to your dishes. Try our ideas.

Share Your Love with Whole Trade Flowers

Roses are the tried and true favorite when Valentine’s Day rolls around, but it’s time to put a new twist on this traditional favorite. Choose Whole Trade® roses to show your loved one that you care about them and workers in the developing world.

Timesavers for Healthy Eating

Looking for timesaving tips for eating healthy? There are lots of ways to save time in the kitchen with an eye towards health. Find out how!

Healthy Cooking: Learn to Roast Vegetables

Excerpt: Want to cook healthier meals? Try roasting! Learn healthy cooking techniques from one of our Health Starts Here™ chef experts.

Two New Reasons to Love Sweet Potatoes


Vegan Beer-Battered Pickles

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

Yes, you can meet all of your body’s calcium needs from plant-based sources like greens, beans, nuts and seeds. Learn how and why.


When life gets busy and the frozen foods aisle beckons, EVOL Foods founder Phil Anson sees no reason to put your priorities on ice. Learn about EVOL’s mission to inspire people to care about where their food comes from.

Super Snacking MVPs

Hosting a game day party? Huddle up. Don’t make a rookie mistake and reach for just the traditional staples. Instead make this game-winning play: shop for delicious food that meets everyone’s needs.

Health Starts Here: 5 Simple Breakfasts

Pull together a healthy, nutrient dense morning meal in record time with these five simple Health Starts Here™ breakfast recipes.

Support an Urban Garden in Your Area

Food52's Top 10 Meal-Planning Tips

For anyone who wants to get a home-cooked meal on the table at least a few nights a week without frenzy or financial fall-out, Food52 is here to help.

Crazy for Quinoa: A Team Member Pick

If you’re new to quinoa, let’s get down to the basics. First things first, it’s pronounced KEEN-wah and is a high-protein, gluten-free ancient grain that cooks much like rice and has a texture similar to couscous (think simple and quick!).

Master Stir Frying

When you stir fry at home, you control the ingredients and the “health factor” of the dish. Watch our video on steam frying and fire up your stovetop!

Being Grateful for the Meat We Eat


Health Starts Here Eggplant Bolognese

Learn how to make a hearty vegetarian Bolognese sauce featuring eggplant and mushrooms.

Delicious Dips and Dippers

Healthify your dips and dippers so your game day guests will be keeping score of their favorites.

Health Starts Here: 5 Simple Lunches

Check out these ideas for simple, nutrient-dense lunches. They’re so good, you’ll want to pack your lunch!

The Best-Ever Guacamole - Again

There are few things I like better than guacamole. The flavor and texture are amazing, and it seems you can’t avoid feeling festive when you serve it.

Health Starts Here Menu Plan & Shopping List

Need some menu planning help? We’ve created a Health Starts Here™ Menu Plan and Shopping List for a full week of healthy eating.

Mackey Regarding Word Choice on Health Care

In an interview with NPR on Wednesday, Whole Foods Market co-CEO John Mackey discussed his new book, Conscious Capitalism, along with other topics such as health care.


Easy Tips for the New Year: Bodacious Bulk Bins


Winter Warmers

On a frosty day when a salad just won’t make the grade, opt for one of these satisfying dishes that won’t sabotage your healthy eating plan.

13 Money-Saving Tips for Wellness

We’ve gathered 13 tips to help you in your quest for wellness — both fiscal and physical.

14 Days to a Healthier You

Blast off to a healthier you in just 14 days with a series of easy-to-accomplish missions. With just one small step a day you can make giant leaps toward better health!

Yes, Plants Have Protein

Tasting Table's Fresh Twist on Szechuan Green Beans

Hot off the Press: "Conscious Capitalism"

Get ready for a great read!

Veggies for Breakfast

Turn that standard American breakfast upside down by adding vegetables to the menu. Nutritious + delicious = a great start to your day.

Accessorizing with Flavor

Spiking your dishes with spices is one of the simplest ways to boost the flavor. Learn how to accent healthy staples like vegetables, whole grains and beans with aromatic spices.

Tune in to The Taste

Contestant Sarah Ashley Schiear, a self-taught home cook is gearing up to take on ABC’s new reality cooking show, The Taste. If she can take on this challenge in front of millions, you can totally do it for your family at home!

This is My Jam!


Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt

Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt is an extra rich, creamy yogurt made traditionally with no artificial anything. Comment on this blog post for a chance to win a case!

Bob's Red Mill

Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill uses old-world techniques of stone milling, yet stays on the cutting edge when it comes to gluten-free products. Learn more about what keeps Bob coming to work every day with a passion for whole grains.

What's in Your Food?

Easy Tips for the New Year: 5 Ways We Can Help

Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? Learn what sets us apart and how we can help you achieve your healthy-eating goals.

7 Tips for a Healthier Week

Need a little help making better food choices? We’ve got seven tips to get you through the week with an eye toward a healthier lifestyle.

Health Starts Here: 5 Simple Snacks

Love to snack? So do we! Rework snack time with tasty, nutrient dense, Health Starts Here™ options sure to please every palate.

Start the Year with a Cleanse

Maintaining health in the areas of digestion, energy and body fat composition bring benefits that are too numerous to count. Your body says, okay, let’s start where it makes sense: cleansing and weight control. And we say, let us help you.

Simple Changes for Lifelong Health

Tired of feeling sluggish? Let us help you recover from that holiday food coma with a few simple changes for lifelong health.

Belgian Wit Waffles with Orange Wit Syrup


Betting the Farm: Do Something Reel Film Festival

The Do Something Reel™ Film Festival continues this month with Betting The Farm, a documentary that follows a group of Maine dairy farmers who launch their own milk company in a bid to save their farms.

Learning Healthy Cooking Techniques

Can you really cook without oil? Sure you can! Learn healthy cooking techniques from one of our Health Starts Here™ chef experts.

Pacific Northwest Co-Op Specialty Foods


Health Starts Here: 5 Simple Suppers

Pull together a healthy, nutrient dense meal in record time with these five simple Health Starts Here™ supper recipes.

Health Starts Here Chicken & Brown Rice Soup

It’s the coldest time of the year but you can stay warm all season long with this nutrient-enhanced, health-promoting Chicken and Brown Rice Soup. How’s that for a hard working bowl of soup?

Power to the Pepper!

Red, orange, yellow or green, organic or conventionally grown, raw or cooked, Whole Trade® bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C, a versatile tasty staple and have the power to change lives.

Easy Tips for the New Year: 7 Ways to Gently Shift Habits

Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? We’ve got lots of tips to help you feel better. Try these simple ideas to painlessly clean up your act.

Making a Fresh Start

Ready to make a fresh start? Our Four Pillars of Healthy Eating can help guide your journey and spark your creativity in the kitchen.

Pizza You Can Feel Good About Eating

Veggies soaked in a rich marinade made with Engine 2 Plant-Strong™ Hummus -- and then grilled -- make a superb topping for these tasty tortilla pizzas.