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Quality Time Happens Naturally in the Garden

Besides being an ever-changing source of growth and learning, the beautiful thing about gardening is there’s no right or wrong, only lessons to guide what you’ll do next!

Superb Strawberries

Strawberries are at their peak of flavor in May and June. From breakfast to main dishes, salads and dessert, try these strawberry recipes.

Why Pasture-Raised Chicken is Different (and How to Cook It!)

I’ll never forget the first time I pulled a whole roasted chicken from the oven. Juicy and golden, it was a beautiful sight. I almost didn’t want to eat it (but I’m glad I did)!

Whole chickens are one of the most popular items at the meat counter, and options span free-range to organic to pasture-raised and more. So what makes pasture-raised different?

Pasture Makes Perfect

Enjoying Coffee in Honduras

Jennifer was invited by Allegro Coffee Company to tag along on an origin trip to Honduras. Here’s her recap of the week she spent there.


Alaffia: Body Care that Empowers Women

Feisty Fiesta Dishes for Cinco de Mayo

Though hailed as a precursor to summertime gatherings, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) has its roots in independence. It’s the day Mexicans commemorate their 1862 defeat of the French army in the Battle of Puebla. This holiday is embraced as a delicious chance to celebrate Mexican culture and history.

Cover your bases with refreshing drinks, quick dips and sauces, versatile sides and salads, savory mains and spiced-up desserts.

Start the party right with festive sippables.


Hydroponic Heroes: Meet Archi's Acres

Here at the Local Producer Loan Program, we interact with mission-driven companies working to change the way the world eats. These are some of the brightest social entrepreneurs in the country with relentless passion for environmental stewardship, socially conscious business practices and community connections.


Way Better Snacks

The folks at Way Better Snacks have revamped the classic tortilla chip with sprouted grains, beans, seeds and other simple ingredients that pack party-worthy flavor.

Celebrate Mom's Beauty


So Delicious

Dedicated to deliciousness for all, So Delicious has spent the last 25 years making creamy, non-dairy creations everyone can enjoy, including coconut milk, soymilk and almondmilk frozen desserts, cultured products and beverages. Here’s their story.

Reaping Community Change

Putumayo Presents Vintage France

Contain Your Garden!

It doesn’t take an acre of space to grow fresh produce at home. Here are some easy ways to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies in containers.

Makin' Bacon


Amazing Avocados

Avocadoes are outta-this-world delicious when added to chicken, shrimp or tuna salad, as well as a slew of greens, grains and protein salads. Here are some of our favorites.

Earth Month Tips for On The Go

Whether we’re at home, the office, school or in between, decreasing waste (food, energy and trash) needs be top of mind wherever we go…and however we get there. That’s the only way we’re going to reach our destination of bettering the planet.

Willapa Hills Cheese

Located on the banks of the Chehallis River in Washington state, Willapa Hills Cheese has been producing farmstead cheeses and dairy products for our Washington and Oregon stores since 2005.

Healthy Cooking Techniques: Toasting

Learn a simple trick to bring out an even deeper flavor from nuts and seeds.

MAKE: Plastic Herb Planters

MAKE magazine brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the exciting projects in your life and helps you make the most of technology at home and away from home. Projects in the magazine range from old-school balsa wood and tissue-paper airplanes to what to do to keep aging high-tech gadgets alive to building autonomous robots from junk.

In this post, MAKE contributor Tiffany Threadgould shares how to make planters from plastic containers.

Make a Belgian White Fizz

Individually, both craft beer and artisan cocktails are awesome. But when combined, they can be extraordinary.

Harnessing Solar Power

The sun generates more energy than necessary for life on Earth, yet only a fraction of that is utilized for solar power. In this video from Dark Rye, we explore harnessing its mighty power. In Arizona an innovative company makes thin-film photovoltaic modules affordable and recyclable, while an engineer in Hawai'i addresses the challenge of storage.

The Reel Deal on Seafood

Love seafood but fear going overboard on spending? It’s time to turn the tide!

Cast Your Vote for "The Unseen Bean"

“The Internet is huge, winning is huge.” That’s the motto of The Webby Awards, a leading international award bestowed on the best of the Web. That’s why we’re really proud that the “The Unseen Bean,” a video created by our supremely talented friends at Dark Rye, Whole Foods Market’s online magazine, was nominated for a Webby Award in the Documentary, Individual Episode category.


Experience the Magic of EARTH in Costa Rica

Want to learn about responsibly grown bananas, visit with students who are working for a sustainable future and enjoy glorious Costa Rica? Enter for a chance to win!

Earth Month Tips for Saving Energy

Energy waste is a big problem with some simple solutions that we can all do to help the Earth. Plus, wasting less energy at home also makes cents!

Top 3 Things to Know About the Non-GMO Project

Whether you are already committed to buying non-GMO, or you are just starting to learn about it, here are some key things to know about the Non-GMO Project and what it means when you see our little orange butterfly on a label.

Banana Bonanza

Bananas are probably the most beloved of all the tropical fruits, providing great taste and good nutrition in everything from breakfast items to snacks, desserts and smoothies.

A Perspective on Cattle Growth Promotants

Three years ago, while attending a National Cattleman’s Beef Association trade show, I learned about a new generation of growth promotants for beef cattle. The discussions left me feeling concerned as the conversations were all focused on red meat yield per animal. While I wasn’t very familiar with the term beta agonist (which is a type of growth promotant), the mechanism that was being discussed reminded me of performance enhancement drugs commonly used by athletes.


Home Composting: Use It!

Home Composting: Get the Right Bin

Home Composting: The Basics

Two More Ways for Little Earthlings to Play

Looking for more? See our earlier post on two easy ways to make every day Earth Day with your kids.

Get Scrappy with Your Recycle Bin

Spring Cleaning with Greener Cleaners

Reaching for earth-conscious cleaners doesn’t mean wiping out your savings. We scoured our shelves for the three must-have products with high marks for safety—yours and the planet’s. These hardworking cleaners go from floor to skylights and everything in-between with cash to spare so you can grab a few rolls of 100%-recycled-paper towels.

Premium Body Care: The Best There Is

The products that meet these Premium Body Care standards are better for our families and the environment — simply put, these are the most exceptional personal care products available.

Quick Meals with Ready-to-Go Grains

Engine 2’s new frozen grain blends promise to give refrigerator shelves and stockpots everywhere a break with already cooked (and spiced!) blends that heat up in a flash.

Feta Fetish

Whether you choose feta from sheep, goat or cow’s milk, be sure to add it to salads, tacos, pizzas and more. Try our favorite feta tips.

Food52's Elegant and Unexpected Spring Salads

Sturdy enough for potlucks, yet classy enough for the fanciest of dinner parties, these six salads are poised to be stunners all season long.

Let's Cook: Pineapple-Ginger Rice

Watch while Healthy Eating Chef Chad Sarno shows us how to make this flavorful fried rice without oil. The addition of edamame makes it perfect for a main dish or serve as a side.

Five Easy Ways to Cut a Mango

Have you hacked away at a mango and ended up with little fruit to show for it? We’ve rounded up five of our favorite ways to slice them, so you end up with more fruit, less hassle.

The Dirt on Household Cleaning Products

We believe in full disclosure. As a result, we developed our Eco-Scale™ rating system, meaning we evaluate every ingredient for environmental impact, safety, efficacy, source, labeling and animal testing. Based on audits conducted by a 3rd-party audit agency, the products are rated red, orange, yellow or green on our Eco-Scale™.

A Budget-Minded Meal Plan for 4

Here’s a free tip: it pays to plan so make a list and a meal schedule before you go grocery shopping. Need inspiration? Our seasonally inspired daily meal planner below features fresh takes on family favorites. These ideas and deals are ripe for the picking!

Earth Month Tips for the Home

Home is where the heart is, so show the Earth you care there! From your backyard to your bathroom to your closet, we’re sharing 11 of our favorite Earth Month tips for the home.

Argentine Wine Pairings Not to Be Missed

Generous, approachable and intriguing, Argentina’s wines make perfect companions for a variety of cheeses and recipes. Get ready for some seriously satisfying match-making.

Two Easy Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Kids

Spring has arrived, and it’s time to get your kids back out there communing with nature! With each generation, our children are becoming better stewards of this planet. Whole Kids Foundation® has tons of kids’ activities that are both fun and Earth-friendly. Here’s a couple to get you started.