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Salad Days of Summer

The leafy green + veggies + dressing combo is just the tip of the iceberg. So make every salad a super salad with just a little something awesome.

Recipes for Terrific Road Trips

In anticipation of the cacophony of “Are we there yet?”, “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry,” I’ve collected a few of my favorite snacks and games to keep the kids (and adults) happy. Hopefully these can help you and your road warriors too.

Food52’s New Classics for the Fourth of July

For children and adults alike, the highlight of Fourth of July parties often centers on what comes at the end of the night: fireworks. But who’s to say the food can’t be equally as exciting?

Healthy Recipes for Independence Day

Putting on a great party is easier than ever when you have fireworks as a backdrop and summer produce to support the menu. Salads, spreads, dips and burgers make for festive Independence Day fare whether you pack them up for a picnic-style feast or cook out at home before the fireworks show. Here are our picks for a healthy and delicious Fourth of July.


Stock Your Pantry for Serious Summer Rubs and Marinades

Having a pantry of flavorful ingredients on hand to throw together for homemade rubs and marinades is a summer necessity. Here are our top picks for filling out your shelves.

Perfect Cherries: Tips for Picking, Pitting and Preparing

Cherish Cherries

These ruby jewels are at their peak of deliciousness, and Whole Foods Market® is celebrating with our 4th annual Cherry Fest. We’re giving away five pounds of hand-picked cherries each to five randomly selected winners who share what they would do with that many cherries.

Homemade to Save: Bars and Smoothies

Whether it’s poolside nibbles or refreshing drinks on the porch, don’t get burned by the price of summertime snacks. Enjoy delicious homemade savings by making your own smoothies and bars!

17 Ways to Cool Off with Watermelon

Great on its own, try watermelon in fruit and vegetable salads, soups, main dishes, salsas, beverages and more. Here are 17 ways to enjoy watermelon this summer.

Six Hot Weather Wines That'll Knock Your Flip-Flops Off

Hot weather is a time for chilled, crisp, invigorating wines. As the mercury goes up, here are 6 selections that rise to the top.

Going Organic on a Budget

If you’re looking to fill your shopping cart with organics without emptying your pocketbook, it pays to know when to reach for them. Here are seven ways to go organic without going over your budget.

5 Myths About Organics

With more organic options than ever in every aisle, it’s time to clear up some common misconceptions. Here are five myths that we’re happy to debunk so you can shop with ease.

How Can Meat Be Organic? We'll Tell You.

Summer Snack Ideas for Kids

Hot summer days require plenty of easy-to-eat, cooling foods to keep your crew energized and hydrated. Healthy Eating guru Mary shares some of her family’s favorite summer snacks.

Going Organic

Choosing organic food supports farmers and producers who believe in good health, quality foods and earth-friendly sustainable agricultural practices.

Take This Job and Love It

I might have the best job ever. I travel in search of new flavors. When I find the good stuff, I help get it on our shelves. I’m the Local Forager for Whole Foods Market.

Veggie Burgers Made Easy

Making your own veggie burgers is easier than it sounds and burger lovers and vegetarians alike will clamor for these flavorful and filling veggie versions of our favorite grillable main.

Six Tips for Selecting Salmon

As Whole Foods Market’s dedicated Alaska port buyer, I spend four months of the year on docks and piers, selecting the finest salmon for our fresh seafood cases. In the process, I’ve developed a few tips for picking a delicious fish.

10 Easy Five-Ingredient Summer Recipes

Enjoy all summer has to offer with these easy, five-ingredient recipes that will get you out of the kitchen in no time.

Why Schools are Sweet on Honey Bees

Our Local Forager in Hawai’i: the Realities of Paradise

Find out how traditional food systems are being rebuilt in Hawai'i after generations of exported monoculture crops.

Food52’s Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Summer Potluck

In the summer, you'll find us eating and drinking outside as much as we possibly can. So when it comes to throwing parties, we turn to potlucks to make hosting as stress-free as possible -- and to maximize our time out-of-doors.

Our Revised Team Member Language Guidelines

Walter Robb,co-CEO, shares our Revised Team Member Language Guidelines on behalf of the Whole Foods Market Leadership Network.

I'd like to begin this post with two statements regarding the recent incident involving two of our team members in one of our Albuquerque, New Mexico stores.

First, we sincerely apologize that a section of our handbook regarding team member interactions in the workplace was not clearly written, and for any misunderstandings or offense it has created. Its intention was to foster inclusion, not exclusion.


Love What's Growing Locally

Summer is the perfect season to explore local fruits and vegetables. With tasty new offerings springing up every day, it can be hard to keep track of everything you need to try, but we’re here to help.

Stock Your Pantry for Serious Summer Salads

Here are five pantry staples to turn ordinary salads into hearty summer meals.

A Summer Wine Twitter Tasting


Partnerships for Pollinators

Bee populations are dwindling, so we’re taking a cue from the hive mind and building partnerships to help protect endangered pollinators.

5 Ways to Help Honey Bees

Passionate about a healthy planet full of good food? Bees are key. Learn simple steps you can take to help keep the US bee population strong!

Love Zucchini? Buy it for the Bees!

Now through June 25, we'll donate 10 cents to protect pollinators for every pound of organic squash you buy.

Power to the Pollinators!

Here are 4 easy ways you can "bee the solution" and help pollinators flourish.

Port Buyers: Wild Salmon at the Source

Having our own port buyers in Alaska means the freshest wild salmon in our stores. Learn more.

Your Certified Organic Grocery Store

"Wait, what?” – you may ask – “A grocery store can be certified organic?” Yes, it can and we are. Here’s what goes into it.

Wild-Caught Salmon

Grill, broil, roast or bake - but don’t overcook! Here are 13 ways to serve up wild-caught salmon at home.

Our Local Forager in the New Detroit Food Scene

The new Whole Foods Market in Detroit is full of hand-selected local products.

Water-Wise Gardening: Make the Most of Every Drop

Whether you’re caring for a container garden or keeping a homestead vegetable plot alive, using water efficiently and mindfully is important.

Shake for Savings

After enjoying a multitude of summertime meals, don’t throw out those last tablespoons in the condiment jar or bottle. Make something new instead!

Hair Dressing! DIY Conditioner You Can Eat

To help summer hair, try “Hair Dressing” -- great for feeding your tresses and your body with natural ingredients right from the kitchen.

Why Local Food Systems Matter

Learn how supporting local food systems can help communities and the environment.

Rad Dads: Unplug and Connect with Your Kids

Spending quality time with your kiddos is easy when you follow these tips from DIY expert Mark Frauenfelder.

Learn from a Chef (In Your Own Kitchen!)

How would you like to have a chef in your kitchen helping you cook your way through their favorite recipes? You can, with Panna , the award-winning digital cooking magazine, available for the iPad and iPhone.

Love Dad - Cook Him Healthy Food!

We’ve rounded up our ten favorite healthy recipes for daddy-o’s to enjoy on their day (psst – that’s Sunday, June 16th).

How to Pick the Perfect Sunscreen

We love to have fun in the sun, but choosing the right sunscreen can slow you down. Here are a few key tips to help you navigate the sunscreen aisle quickly.

Learn to Cook: Grilling Tofu

It’s grilling season and what better way to cook tofu or lean proteins than over a hot flame. Watch and learn as Healthy Eating Chef Chad grills marinated tofu in a flash.

Hurrah for Hummus

Popular as an appetizer or a snack, hummus adds depth and flavor to salads, sandwiches and main dishes.

Five Salad Dressings to Make This Summer

Whisking up a salad dressing from scratch is a tasty and easy way to showcase summer’s peak produce, such as sweet corn, crisp green beans, juicy tomatoes, tender summer squash and vibrant fresh herbs.

IPA-Battered Shrimp Tacos

Pair a cooling summer IPA with these spicy beer-battered shrimp tacos.

Cheeses From Another Udder: Alternative Milk Cheeses

Explore the world of cheeses from alternative milks like goat, sheep and buffalo.

We're Ranked #1 by Greenpeace for Seafood Sustainability

The environmental group Greenpeace ranked Whole Foods Market #1 on their 2013 Seafood Sustainability Scorecard. Here’s why.

What's New in June

From vacation spots to haircuts to romances, summer is all about trying new things. So why not try some of our latest products too? Every month, we’re pleased to add many new products to our shelves that have passed the testing and tasting and met our strict Quality Standards.